Wyze cam3 no notifications

Is anyone else having difficulty with their wyze3 cams not giving notifications? We have 4 cameras installed and our wyze cam pan gives us notifications, no problem. We recently bought (back in January) 3 wyze cam3 cameras. ALL 3 new cameras are not giving notifications. The older pan cam is. We’ve done everything from ensure global notifications (on the app and on our iOS itself), checked iOS, restarted the iOS, etc. We’ve placed in a ticket and STILL they are not helpful. We’ve had the same repeated questions since February 4th from Chris (SUPER NOT HELPFUL GUY), to Hezadilyn.

Has anyone else ran into this incompatibility issue? I find it odd that our settings for both the old pan cam and wyze3 cameras are exactly the same, but we’re still not getting notifications. I’m really sad about how terrible the service is with wyze. I don’t want to have to return all three either, but this is ridiculous! What is the point of having security cameras if the notifications won’t work.

Welcome to the forums! In an effort to narrow down the issue, are you only not getting notifications, or are you not getting cloud events from the camera, which in turn mean there is nothing to notify you of? Sounds like all your notifications are enabled, what about the event recording settings?

I’m addition, do you have your ticket numbers handy? Can you post them in here? I’ll forward your experience on and see what we can find out. Sorry about your bad experience!

Thanks @Omgitstony for responding. Here is my ticket number: 1029520. It seems like it’s both. So you can see in the image, our pan camera shows events, but all 3 wyze cam3 events aren’t coming through.

Then on top of that, because we’re not getting even event notifications, we don’t get notifications at all (because no events are being triggered).

Ok, so let’s work on getting event videos ( I think that is your issue, I am sure once we get events, we will get notifications).

Can you pick a v3, then take a screen shot of it’s “event recording”, and “detection settings” pages and post them here.

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So it looks like my husband had the event detection turned off on his phone (they are registered under him). Is it possible to have different settings for different phones? He doesn’t want the events to show up for the v3, but I do want those notifications. It looks like on my phone though, I don’t have that ability?

Unfortunately no. The only way to have different notification settings for different phones is for one or the other to disable the app notifications in the devices os. Glad it’s just a settings issue and not anything more! Thanks for the update. Do you share individual cameras between eachother? Or do you share the same login?

So it’s our home cameras that we set up. We registered it under his name. Then he shared the cameras with me. So it’s possible to turn off his notifications, without turning mine off?

You share the camera settings. If the camera has notifications enabled, you both the get them. If they are disabled, no one will get them. I was saying if you enable the notifications in the camera for you, then he can go into his app settings for iOS or Android and disable all his Wyze notifications, that will work. He won’t get any notifications, but you will get whatever the cameras that your have that have the notifications enabled.

There is a rather large wishlist that is about this, multiple shared user permissions. Visit and give it a vote!

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