Wyze cam pan camera not sending notifications

My Wyze CAM pan is not sending any notifications for movement. I’ve checked the settings in the app and they look fine - Other Wyze cam is sending notifications to my iphone.

Hard to say…can you please post a screenshot of the notification settings for the PanCam? Also those for event recording.

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Welcome to the forums! Sounds like the “notification” side of the settings are fine, but what about the “event recording” settings for that camera? Are you getting event videos from the cam? Notifications are triggered from event videos, so not getting notifications but getting event videos is one thing, but not getting notifications and not getting event videos is a whole different avenue of troubleshooting.

I received notifications but didn’t get event videos between 12:22am and 6:43 pm. Strange.

Welcome to the forums! Check your filters in the event tab. Remove all filters to be sure everything is seen.

HI - yes, the problem was in the event recordings, it was not on. Thank you so much!