Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

So we have multiple camera’s set up at our house. My wife and I both have the app and I shared the camera with her. The problem we run into is that I want to give her full access to control settings also, but there is no permissions list for users who have access to the camera. Every time one person wants to change the settings, increase sensitivity, turn off notifications etc, you have to call/text the other person to change the settings. We use them for security and as a baby monitor so settings can change frequently. I apologize if this is a already a feature that I couldn’t figure out. It would be a lot more convenient to have a user list that select who has access to the camera, and set their permissions so settings could be changed for each user, for each camera.

Moderator Edit: 07/31/19 UPDATE from Wyze Team, this has been moved back to “Researching”, So far we are leaning towards only two permission levels - Owner & Guests, as it will be more complicated for everyone to have multiple layers. We are evaluating if this is something we can start working during the second half of the year, but we have some requirements documentation drafted. Stay tuned!

Moderator Edit: 02/22/19 UPDATE from Wyze Team, this has been moved back to “Maybe Later” due to competing resources. We will revisit this after a few months.

Moderator Edit 04/28/19: Added Poll

How do you share your smart home devices? For those of you who are interested in this feature, you may check out our forums and vote for this request.

  • I want to share all features and settings
  • I want to share only some features and settings
  • I want to share only some features and settings but for a limited period of time

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The easy solution for this is to just have your wife log into the account (yours) to which the camera is registered. There’s no problem having two phones/tablets logged into the same account. In fact, you can both be viewing the camera at the same time (bandwidth permitting).

The ability to set permissions for shared cameras is coming at some point, but it’s not super high on the request list. I’ve added your vote for this to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


That definitely does help, but doesn’t completely solve the problem. An example would be a babysitter comes over and we share camera access to our parents, or the regular babysitter. We don’t always want other people being able to look inside our house. Yes, we could change the password or stuff like that, but constantly changing the password, having people relog in, log out every time is a pain. Or if we are out of town and having someone watch the house, the same issues apply. Being able to turn off permissions from admin users would be much easier.


Probably the easiest thing until permissions are implemented is just to cancel the camera share to non-immeditate-family and share it anew when needed. Pretty easy, but you do have to type their email address again.

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I have 2 cameras at my house and I shared them with my wife. It seems she can only view the notification videos or the live stream. She cannot view the SD card videos. Was this done this way on purpose? This is a really poor decision. I guess I have to delete her account and just use my login on both phones in order to see the SD card videos.

This should be reevaluated and changed as there’s no reason I would want someone to view the life feed and notification videos and not the SD card videos.

Anyone know if it was designed to work this way or if it’s a bug of sorts?



Can anyone comment on if this was done on purpose and if it can be changed or made optional in an upcoming release?



We should have the option to share with our spouses account. Maybe add the option to share reguluar way with advanced option to allow shared users to see the videos stored on SD card.


@kelemvor @john.lovell Sorry you didn’t get a reply on this sooner. The inability for shared users to access the SD card is not a bug; it’s intended to be that way.

A rich set of shared user permissions is something that is on the development horizon. I don’t know what the timing might be as there are lots of other features competing with it for developer attention.

I am going to merge this thread over to the similar topic in the Roadmap category where you will be able to cast your vote for it.


@kelemvor @john.lovell Thanks for the feedback. We understand that the current sharing experience is not ideal so we added this to our sprint backlog. We need to rethink user access and permission across controls. We haven’t started the work due to competing priorities but this is on our radar and would love to see other people share their requests so we can give this a higher priority.

@Loki thanks for the inputs.


I noticed tonight that my family who I share out all the camera to do not have the View Playback button. Maybe a user level that allows this but not delete or format capabilities would be helpful.


yes we noticed the same thing I’m the primary account holder and using Android and my brother has the shared access using an iPhone but cannot view playback.



My wife and I noticed this too. Seems Wyze still has a lot of work to do before they’re a great solution. Can’t share playback, no desktop app.


I would love to see this as well. For now, instead of sharing, my wife uses my login and password on her phone in order to do that. But that is not an ideal solution going forward, and sort of makes the Share feature incomplete.


This is so disappointing that we can’t get SD card with shared users.




I’d love to see this feature added as well.


What’s the point of sharing if they can’t view the playback? Argh! So now I have to install it on my wife’s phone but login as myself. That’s lame.


+1 on shared playback…, Very disappointing that this is not a default option, if one does not have the ability to share playback on a specificly owned camera, then what is the point of sharing it… I have 6 cameras and would like to have more, however, I do not want to share playback on every camera. I do not want to share playback in my bedroom, but would like to in my living room. I am stuck with either sharing my master account to enable playback, which would enable playback for cameras I do not want to (bedroom) and not just the living room. Especially with the option of a memory card…Please have the dev team look into incorporating this functionality as it deans only as necessary as well as our rights for our equipment! Please thoroughly review this request as it is necessary as the product is nearly meeting all expectations.


We are trying to figure out what controls should be given to what. Examples:
L1 - Owner: Spouse, children, roommates
L2 - Contributor: Relatives, close friends
L3 - Viewer: Neighbors, pet/baby sitters

Thoughts on this mapping? We are open to feedback.


@CaptainMark How about just being to set each of the 12 features separately and individually for each shared user?