If I delete event video does it delete for someone I shared it with?

If I delete a sound/motion event video from the wyze app I’m curious if it will also delete it for anyone I have shared that device with?

As far as I can tell it is nowhere to be found on my phone/app but I can’t tell if everything is linked on the cloud between family members who I have shared the device with.

Thanks, I’m trying to make sure a surprise isn’t ruined because I forgot they can see my camera!

If you delete the cloud clip it does delete on their side too, but no matter how fast you delete the clip they still get an initial opportunity to view it, and even save it to their device. If you were really quick you might have gotten it in time, but I wouldn’t bank on that.

Just for comparison, if they delete an alert, it only deletes on their side.

Hey, they may have seen the surprise ruined live anyway, as you did share that cam!

Also, just in case you aren’t aware, there is no method to stop them from hearing the camera’s audio, short of removing the microphone from the camera. So, if this is an indoor camera, they’ve probably already heard you discussing the surprise.


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Thanks for the replies. I’m happy to report that the surprise engagement at Disneyland was saved because I was able to delete the video clips! Haha, she hadn’t seen them yet so we are all good. But it’s good to know that it works this way in the future.