Can people hack your wyze app end erase your wyze event

can people hack your wyze app end erase your wyze event

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Welcome to the community. Good question

I would never say that was not possible as there are some creative individuals out there. You have social engineering to capture credentials and other information, fake apps to monitor what is being done, and simply sniffing devices which could capture credentials as well.

Turn on 2FA (two factor authentication) which will require another form when logging into the app on other devices or when you log out of your current device.

In addition, don’t share your credentials with anyone unless you trust them enough. you can always share devices separately so that yo maintain most of the control.


Yes, turn on 2FA. And don’t use an ID & password you use anywhere else (like Yahoo, lol).


Are you sharing via the app the camera that had an event deleted?


Unless there is a bug, the way sharing should work is if the person you are sharing to deletes their clip, then their clip is all that is deleted. The owner’s clip stays intact. However, last I tested the opposite isn’t true – if the owner deletes, both clips disappear.