Deleting Events

If someone shares a camera feed with me, and I delete the events from that shared camera, will the original owner’s camera events also be deleted?

No. The original owner can delete yours, but not vice-versa.

This is written from the opposite perspective, but should tell you how it works:

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Well, I’m able to “delete” them on my app.

But I’m not sure if the 12-second recordings are really deleted, or my app is simply not showing them anymore. I hope the recording isn’t deleted.

If you are the person they shared with then yes, you can delete your own, but it just removes it from view. The original owner is still intact.

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When I delete a camera event in the Wyze phone app, does it delete it from the cloud for all users of the app using the same account? So we are both owners of the app is using the same login.

Yes, that would delete it for all.