App permissions/Privacy concerns downloading event clips

I recently signed up for Cam Plus on one of my Wyze cameras. I thought it would be simple to down load a clip, and share it. Much to my surprise I have learned from Wyze is that the only way I can down load an event clip is to grant Wyze full access to ALL my photos! This is a serious invasion of privacy and breach of my security. I am turning the cameras off.

This applies to all apps, not solely the Wyze app. An app needs express permission by you in order to store media at the location specified by you on your phone/tablet. This is a security feature and requirement of your phone/tablet’s operating system, regardless of Android or iOS.

This security feature is not a “security breach” and I have amended the title of your topic to reflect such. If you still feel that your circumstance is related to a Wyze security issue, please contact “” via email using the email address associated with your Wyze app account. The Wyze Security team can address your concerns, but please give them time to respond.


No, you are wrong.
With the other apps I use I have the ability to designate what folder or where on my devise to store files. Your Wyze app only allows for storage in “photos” and does not provide me the ability to store the Wyze video clips in a separate location.

This constitutes a serious invasion of privacy and beyond a doubt a breach of my security.

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If you need help designating media storage location, please provide the type of device, OS version and Wyze app version. It’s possible under most flavors of iOS, but not Android.