iOS permissions are a privacy concern

The iOS app requires full access to the full and entire photo library in order to download or share event videos. This is a major privacy concern and I am absolutely unwilling to grant this level of access to my private photos. Is there a way to contact the dev team at Wyze to submit a request that this access requirement be lowered to “allow access to selected photos” or at minimum, remove this requirement to share the videos.

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You can vote for the wishlist item, which is reviewed by the Devs. If this item does not represent what you want, then do a search for what does. If there is no wishlist item for what you want, then submit one: :slight_smile:

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You actually don’t have to give the wyze app full access , you can choose selected photos.

Go to the wyze app in your iPhone settings and choose “select photos”


Unfortunately, I have done this and the app is specifically requesting all photos access. Selected photos isn’t good enough.

Whenever I want to include a video or screenshot to a log , the app asks me this and I always just click on keep current selection

I just get this pop-up.

Selected photos has not worked for me in 1.5-2 years. It changed with an app change and I’ll see if that old post is still around.

MAY 2021

Like you, I refuse to give Wyze access to my entire iOS photo library. I don’t know what they’re going to do when I grant this permission. Maybe nothing, maybe something. This is probably disclosed in small print somewhere, but it should be prominently explained when changes to their app are that significant. As a workaround, as clunky as it is, I record my screen when playing back a video. I can then share it with whomever I like without abiding by Wyze’s highly problematic invasion-of-privacy request.

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