Cannot download videos without giving app permission to all photos

I tried to download a video from my Wyze cam today but couldn’t without granting access to all photos. There used to be a add-only setting. Why does WYZE need access to all my photos? The privacy implications are not trivial here. I am pretty sure this violates Apple’s developer agreement.

It changed a long time ago with a firmware update. You are correct it used to be a choice to “Selected Photos”.

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Thanks @Antonius.

Dear WYZE, please bring back the ability to only add videos to iPhoto. Alternatively, you could let us download videos to iCloud Drive or iOS devices directly. Thanks!

I don’t work for Wyze, just another user. Here is the old thread discussing this issue.

They just want to save your videos and snapshots. Don’t allow, who cares.

Can’t even share with myself without allowing access to all photos. That ain’t happening, so I’m just recording my screen when playing a video. I can then share with others from the photo app. It’s a clunky workaround, but it works.

Created this account just to say what complete horse dung this is. There is absolutely no need for Wyze to access all photos and video on an iOS device to save a video.

It looks like the company has also removed the ability to “Share” past this restriction. So now the only way to do this is using manual screen recording in iOS.

People should absolutely not give access to their photos and video to this company. Not only because its lack of honesty in the past, but because making this a requirement breaks a fundamental rule of design for privacy in the first place.

They should not want access to media to enable functionality that does not need it. It creates unnecessary liability for them.

Apple users should look at what Eufy is doing in this space now. They have the Homekit banner and license, which means you can use only iCloud data and prevent any data from going to that company.

Just chuck wyze cameras in the garbage.