Wyze Cam app requiring access to cellphone files, photos, media --is this a potential privacy risk?

The Wyze cam app requires access to “photos, media, and files” on my device. Is there any chance of this access being misused to compromise user privacy; i.e. to access information unrelated to the operation of the Wyze cam? Are there any workarounds?
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As with any app, only give permissions you know both you and the app need. For example, if the Wyze app is ever to store a clip permanently on your device, it needs permission to access your photo library so it can store the clip. If you never want it to save a clip, then you don’t have to give it permission.

Conversely, if an app asks for permissions it couldn’t possibly need, like if Wyze asked for permission to access your contacts, then you shouldn’t give it.

Just life with a mobile device.


Why does Wyze need access to my photos media and files to just regulate a timer? My appliance I bought does not take pics, photos or use any of my info. It says it is required for me to share. Do I need to return it if I do not share it?

That is a VERY common permission for any app that needs the ability to store clips.