Don't want to be asked to submit my event recordings. Ever. Possible?

Wyze asks me if I want to submit my event recordings to them. I don’t want to be asked that. Of course I don’t. Can I opt out, or is this just a work in progress and they really need my events? Thanks so much.

They already have your events. They’re just asking if you want them to look closer. No opt out on the popup as far as I know.

Thanks for your response. It says “submit this video to help research”. If they already have it and can view it whenever they want . . . why ask?

Because they don’t have thousands upon thousands of employees to comb through millions of video files. If you think your video is worth reviewing for them to improve their service/app, you can flag it so that they look at that specific video. It’s optional, you do not have to participate.

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As @CM55 mentioned, Wyze can’t look at all videos and they don’t look at videos without permission first. you should definitely submit your video if it you’re using person detection. Even if the camera didn’t detect a person or falsely detected a person, those videos are all helpful!