Removing option to submit video to Wyze

I am using the Wyze Cam 3 for sleep analysis, when viewing my videos there is a button asking if i want to submit the video to wyze to improve AI, as you can imagine i do NOT want to submit any of my videos to Wyze, the fact this button is right next to the delete option puts me on edge incase i accidently miss clicked, is there any way i can remove it? Or even better, can Wyze add an option in the settings so i could? Thanks.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @RedRocket86!

There isn’t a way to remove the button as it is a standard part of the app UI.

But, rest assured you are unlikely to accidentally submit an AI training video to Wyze. When you do press the button, a very recognizable popup screen appears requiring you to click some buttons and confirm the submission, so you should always be able to catch it if it does get tapped inadvertently.


Thank you, thats put my mind at rest.