V3 Camera Acting Screwy

A motion event recorded a car driving down my street. I tried to label it as a vehicle but when I pressed submit results, it immediately asked if I wanted to delete the recording. What the heck?!

You probably accidentally clicked on the delete icon instead of the YES icon to submit the correct feedback.

They are pretty close

Impossible, because once I pressed Yes, on the line that says…Help us improve AI by sharing this one video with Wyze, which is the page I was at when I then selected Vehicle, there are only two options, Cancel and Submit Results. Selecting Submit Results asked me if I wanted to delete the video. This shouldn’t happen. All my recorded videos are stored in their cloud, so maybe that is the cause of the anomalies, I don’t know and Wyze won’t say a word.

So when you clicked on submit results , it asked you if you wanted to delete the event? Strange…

That’s what my original post said, so yeah it is weird. But I’ve come to expect odd behavior with Wyze’s software. Stuff like this happens way too frequently and they really don’t seem to care. Or maybe they don’t have the skills to fix things.

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Is the submit above the delete button (to clarify: over top of, like you’re over top of the floor)? (clarify: rhetorical since I won’t be back). That could accidentally trigger a delete button use. I’m a mobile app developer and know how it all works underneath.

There’s literally no way at all though for submit to actually trigger a delete unless they literally put it all together at the same spot (clarify: think of a report all put together on one page instead of multiple separate ones) and that’s nearly impossible for what is likely to be done. *I should note some people have mixed delete with other things lol.

Some really odd OS related things can happen though too. And I do mean really odd in that they shouldn’t happen but the OS, app language, etc will have their own bugs. So some devices can see issues others don’t and might never get fixed either.

On the “Submit” page, not the Submit button, with all the choices to pick to tell Wyze what actually was in the frame, there is no option for Delete. As I said before, besides picking what was in the video, there is only the Cancel and Submit Results choices. Again there is NO DELETE option on that page, yet it would ask me if I wanted to delete after pressing Submit Results.

There seems to be way too many issues on the iOS side and I’m not getting the impression Wyze cares enough, because this isn’t the first time with their software and the iOS platform. They certainly aren’t testing any changes to their software and iOS enough prior to releasing it.