What this?>> "Submit this video to Wyze to help research"

So now, apparently with the latest update, I have to bypass (by not hitting OK accidentally) this new prompt when I review Events?

Anyone know how to get the Submit message off my Events screen?

NO I DON’T WANT to submit my private videos to Wyze to help research. That’s a permanent NO. And I don’t want to have to NOT hit OK every time I look at an event or accidentally hit OK because it’s so damn close to the Delete trashbox.

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There’s no settings to change this. I believe this is only in the bata app but I’m not sure! @Mavens do you know?

That is there to help improve person detection, only if you choose to do so , it has always been there if you have person detection enabled
you don’t have to do anything after you tap your event clip to play it, if you don’t want to submit any videos just ignore it.

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Thanks, but I don’t have Person Detection set. I only started seeing it after an App Update yesterday.

Thanks for the reply. It’s not beta as far as I know. I just updated it in the App Store yesterday and discovered it today. It should be beta from the Store, right?

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I think now that person detection has been rolled out the ‘Submit this video’ is in the production app also. I am not positive since I am running a beta version.


It has, at least in the IOS version.

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The ‘Submit this video’ is in the production app, I don’t run beta I’m on (Android app 2.12.29)
And no , cameras do not come from the store with beta firmware

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I agree 100%!
this is such nonsense . Putting the activation icon button at the bottom is intentional.
More privacy piracy. Imagine?
As if their terms are bad enough… they’d ask for DNA swabs if they could.
Really invasive stuff.
That’s why I don’t use wyze cams in sensitive areas.
Let me know if you learn anything about how to de active this nonsense. Best.

Does YES mean ‘click here to submit’ or ‘it has already been submitted’?

Yes means that you’d like to submit the video. Doing nothing doesn’t submit the video. The video is only sent if you physically select”yes” or (in earlier version of the app) “submit”.