Wyze - Please change the buttons in the event view back to pre 2.6

With the link sharing, download and max screen all in the upper left corner I usually cannot see them during daylight since most of my cams focus outside and that portion of the screen has the sky as background.
It was bad enough with the “max to screen button” up there,


I would have to say I agree. The 3 buttons that are there are hard to see and use. Especially with a light background.


Also, need to get rid the stop button .

Not following, what Stop button?

When the video ends you get a gray screen with the circle with the arrow that signals the end. Click on it and the video repeats. The previous version this did not happen, if you will recall.

That is the universal “play again” symbol. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for advising me of the proper term. That said remove it and go back the way we were before the update .

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I don’t understand why these controls are not under the video when not in full screen. Half the screen is blank so it isn’t like they needed space. Poor design and user experience in the latest app.

Forum Moderators and Mavens don’t work for Wyze. We are regular users who volunteer our time on the forum. You might want to submit feedback through the app, or submit a support request. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I offended you.

Absolutely no offense taken! :slight_smile:

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