Detection Zones Gone!

Yet another Wyze camera issue. Looks like all my detection zones are gone, when I made no changes. So now I have like 300 recorded videos that would not have happened when my detection zones were in place.

Wyze, can you please for the love of God fix your software!!!

Did you do an app update recently? I am holding off for fear it will reset mine.

Please go to the Home page and select a camera. Then select Settings and Detection Settings. I’m just trying to clarify exactly what problem you are having. Do you see “Detection Zone”, or is it gone? If it is still there and you tap On, do you see any blocks darker than the others or are they all clear? If all clear, can you tap one and turn it dark? If not, what happens when you tap a block? Nothing? Or is it that you had your camera detection zones all set and now they are all not set and you have to set them again? As I said, I’m just trying to clarify exactly what problem you are having. Thank you.

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I already went to the detection zone settings and the detection zone was toggled off. I was wondering why I was getting so many notifications. But I never turned it off. So I had to turn it back on and redo all grid blocks the way it was before.

I must say, I am embarrassed for Wyze right now. Absolutely lost control of any semblance of stability. Every single update has been crashing and burning. No QA. They need to hire a heavy hitter exterminator because they are infested with runaway bugs. I’m not updating anything that isn’t already broke.

You are absolutely correct! It’s so sad because when I was first introduced to Wyze they had just started releasing the V2 camera and they were a really good company. But now, not so much.

A mole in the coders consortium?