Detection Zones Suck

Detection zones haven’t worked on all of my Wyze Cam V2’s since I bought them last year. Got tired of waiting for a fix, so tried the support route. Jumped through all their hoops just to get this message:

"This request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. Keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates. "

Basically, they don’t know and/or care. Sad days.

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Same problem here. I define the detection zones which is essentially my driveway. The camera consistently triggers on far away cars driving by.


Please get an app and device log.

Set the detection zone in the app, then get an app log.

App log:
Account > Wyze support > submit a log

Trigger motion outside of the zone, then get a device log.

Device log:
Devices settings > Wyze support > submit a log

Post the numbers here

Read the latest message in this thread from Jason, and reply with log numbers, and the other requested info please. This helps them solve the issue.

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log number is 632979. Submitted log to Customer Support

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Useless, read my first post. I did all the jumps, hoops, logs,… got a canned BS reply.

Let’s be realistic, Wyze is dead. Maybe Will.I.Am canbuy them?