Detection Zone changing on its own

Is anyone else having issues with the detection zone changing on its own? I set my zone and then I come back and the zone has changed to the whole area now in the detection zone. I have an Android and it’s happening on my v2 and pan cams.

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It happened on one of my three cameras yesterday. It was working fine before then.

Same … So now that makes me think the recent update has something to do with it.


Very good catch and very interesting.

I just checked the 4 V2s I’m using at the moment. One was off a little, but I remembered I picked it up and sat it back down yesterday. They all have the new firmware in them. I am not using the Beta app.

Edit: There is a ‘drift’ problem with detection zones, but changing significantly would definitely be an issue to report.

Android or iPhone?

Do you have and Android or iPhone?

I am using an iPhone.

I am using an Android. Latest and greatest.

My detection zone jumped to full screen from a minimal rectangle.

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Mine did the same… On multiple cameras … But not all of them… Weird


Yeah, that would be a problem, all right. May want to submit to support with your logs for that camera.

To submit a log, this has to be done from within the Wyze app, on a device that has an active mail app on it:

Press the Account tab, then Help & Feedback, Report an Issue.

Then select the camera in question, and make sure “Send Log Files” is checked.

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I changed the zone back yesterday. Is it too late to send logs?

@WyzeGwendolyn once told us to submit tickets with logs attached within 2 days of the incident you are reporting, so I would go with that as a guide.


Thanks I will.

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So this is where I struggle with submitting tickets … I don’t want to be THAT person who submits a ticket for every little issue and they begin to view me as THAT annoying customer. I usually wait to see if anyone is having the same issue or if Wyze acknowledges it is a known issue.
So my mindframe is to wait until Sunday and see if it keeps happening so I am not just filling their inbox with emails every time there is a hiccup with the cams.
Are you saying that I shouldn’t think this way and submit logs every time?

You can wait if you like. You will still have a glitch within 2 days if it keeps repeating.

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Now you tell me. :upside_down_face:

This was my first submission, since someone else reported it.

We actually love getting logs. The more data we get, the easier it is for us to find and fix the problem. We appreciate you not wanting to be “that person” but we would rather that than have a problem last longer due to lack of data. Thank you for your consideration! :slight_smile:


I just checked my 4 v2 cams and I didn’t see any noticeable change in any of the detection zones. I’m on Android and using the lastest app and firmware.