Detection Zones Settings not saving

I noticed on two of my V2 Cams that the detection settings are not being saved as I requested for my detection zone.

I only want to monitor a select area and I get errant selections where I do not want them.

Here is an example.

I only want the contiguous selection below to be saved. I don’t want to monitor tree limbs or bushes so I deselect those squares and save accordingly. I don’t worry about the 3 squares above my normal selection.

When I save my changes all looks good.

When I exit and come back in, I see the following. Which is worse.

I try to deselect one or two squares and it doesn’t save these changes.

On one V2, I cannot fix this issue.

On another V2, I went through the same process but when I saved, I turned off the detection zone. When I turned the detection zone back on, It worked as you would expect.

Unfortunately, this V2 has issues constantly.

Any idea on how to resolve this issue on my faulty V2? My other V2s and V3s have no such issue.


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I saw something similar to this once, though I was having the opposite issue (getting random black out zones instead of random detection zones). I did some testing and found it was trying to force a minimum number of one of the detection types, and if I didn’t select enough squares to be that type, then it was randomly selecting some for me.

Just for testing’s sake, will you open up Everything in the red zone as the detection zone and black out everything else and see if it now saves correctly:

I suspect that this will make it save correctly, and since you said you mostly don’t want it watching random foliage, this detection zone, if it works, would still mostly do what you intended it to do.

I still think they should fix this glitching behavior, and I am glad to see someone else reporting it. Will you please also post your App version, your firmware version and a log related to this so that I can potentially pass it on to someone since now both you and I have seen something similar related to the detection zones, so I now know it’s not an isolated incident. Thanks for the report. Please let me know if it still adds random detection squares if you test adding the detection zone I drew out. This will help me narrow down how similar it is to something I have been looking into.


Thanks @carverofchoice ,

I appreciate your input. That sounds plausible. I will try your suggestions after dinner and fireworks :fireworks:.

Thanks again,


Thanks @carverofchoice ,

A definite improvement. Just one errant square.

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Interesting that it still has an errant square :thinking:
So there is merit to the theory about it wanting to try to have a minimum number of detection squares since it stopped the majority of them from repopulating, but that’s not the full story or we wouldn’t still have an errant square showing up, because your new attempt actually covered more than the previous total squares it forced, and it still added a new random one. Very weird. Will you submit a log for this and post the log number in here?

Thanks @carverofchoice .


I tried to add screen shots but the app said I had zero (0) photos and videos on my phone.

Same problem with just one camera out of 4. Very annoying, events on moving trees. Wyze tech. not helpful at all and do not reply to log data sent. We all get what we pay for. Time to move on from Wyze I think.

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