Detection Zone Not Working

Hello everyone,

I love my Wyze cam v3, but am having some detection problems. I have enabled detection zone to not detect movement from a bush near my front door, but it still detects it.

Below is a screenshot of my settings and everything looks right to me, but am I missing something? Really frustrated with this issue as I get notifications of movement every few minutes.

Thanks for any advice you, or Wyze Support might have about this!

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A way to trouble shoot, is to enable motion tagging and post a video that has the motion with the tagging. Can you post one here? The “motion detection” on the v3 is pixel change detection. So any changes in light or color can trip the “motion”. So any light dark shadows etc will trigger, it doesn’t have to be the movement of an object. So able to post a video with “motion” and a pic of the detection zone?


HA!!! :laughing: Join the club, I 've never had any of the detection zones work on my V3 or WCO cameras. Other post about this:


@Zzues, when you say your detection zone is not working, are you implying that you are getting notifications when you don’t want to, or are you indicating that there are still events appearing but notifications are silenced?

However, @Omgitstony recommendation is a good one, turn on the tagging option and post the actual video of the motion. In addition, can you take a snapshot of your detection zone page so we can see what you have blocked off.

Here is my settings, I have a bush or shrubs I need to cut back, but been lazy - especially with the Cicada’s around. :slight_smile:

What you will see is my settings for detection. I set mine high, I find it works better for me. you can see where the detection zone is and I only get notified if a person is at my side gate area (I have CamPlus on this Camera). But my events will show the side gate with a lot of motion because of the bushes/shrubs moving around in the detection zone area, but I only get alerted if it is a person or pet.


Having some trouble getting the video, but does this screenshot help? On the left is the green bush that keeps triggering the camera. I have the detection zone around that area of the bush fully.

Here is the Detection Zone, and it seems I have them correct? I am trying to only watch the pathway and the steps leading up, as much as I can with that bush there. Thanks for checking this out.


Maybe its not just me, been messing with it for a couple days off and on. Rebooted the thing a few times, no luck. Appreciate the feedback from you. Have a good one.

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Looks like the detection zone is still detecting the bush due to those random non darkened areas on the top left. Looks like everything is working properly, you just need to darken out more areas.


I am seeing detection’s, with motion tagging, in areas that are marked as ignored. The detected area is wholly contained within an ignored area. The detection function is not working as designed in at least one V3 camera I have. I suspect more.


Are you able to post a motion tagging enabled event and a photo of your detection zone for a visual aid?


Next time it happens I’ll post here…

I agree. It could also be the square at the top right. if the bush moves there, it will pick it up as well.

But what I also noticed is Below the bush and on the walkway, there is a slight green tagging. So it could also be the shadows causing the trigger as well.


Thanks for the information! I will try and darken more of the scene and see if that helps reduce the number of detection events. I appreciate the help and ideas.

I didn’t think about the shadows! I will cover more of the shadow area also and see if that works. Thanks for the advice!

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it does the same thing on my v2 cameras. tree branches moving in the blocked off areas will still trigger motion tagging/detection/recording.


It’s alllll light or color change will be detected by the camera “pixel change” algorithm as motion. Moving shadows, car headlights sweeping across, not just movement of an object itself.


Old way of marking a detection area was by creating a single rectangle of whatever size the user dragged into position.


… a new way of marking a detection area suddenly appeared on the cams using multiple small blocks (like tiles) which can watch/ignore specific small spots (tiles) that did not have to be connected to each other.

Keeping this in mind, I have discovered two problems.

The new small block area method (tiles) setting would sometimes vanish and resort back to the old way of a large rectangle detection of a random size, and the small block area (tiles) would be lost.

Motion was being detected in areas (highlighted by the old large rectangle) which included areas ignored by the small block method (tiles), although the new small block area method (tiles) setting hadn’t been lost.

Latest f/w and s/w on iPhone 12 with AP 36” away from camera in a building with no windows pointing at a solid coloured wall with 24hr constant illumination, miles away from nearest civilization running off a solar powered battery bank.

It’s not shadows. It’s not signal.

Viewing camera live is always perfectly fine.


Is there a way to shut off motion tagging so it isn’t included in objects that move? I’m having the same issue with mine, I have the road out front of my house turned off in the detection zone, but cars driving by still set it off cause when the motion tagging shows up, the green box the camera places around the vehicle causes it to enter into my detection zone. But if I start de-selecting those boxes then I lose the ability to monitor people coming into my driveway until they are damn near ay my garage


Motion tagging is not causing you to get motion notifications. You can turn it off if you want, open the cam on the app got to bottom right and tap more, you will see motion tagging n the bottom left. If it is green tap it to turn off.

I think the issue is motion tagging is putting large boxes around objects and those boxes are then entering my detection zone. Is there any way to stop this? I already verified I have motion detection turned off

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