Motion Detection Zone Set, but Not Working

Hi. I don’t see this specific issue addressed elsewhere in the forum.

Using v. 1.5.82 I have set a motion detection zone on my wyze cam (not the pan version) and saved it. Despite that, I get notifications based on a movements detected outside the zone. I have gone back to double check the zone setting multiple times and the zone is still there, just as I’d set it, yet notifications continue to be based on full screen.

Please let me know if there’s any other information I should provide.

Any insights/advice would be greatly appreciated. The zone setting is a terrific feature, and I’d really like to be able to benefit from it.

Thank you muchly!

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What exactly is it that you think are setting Off an alert Out of the zone ,? Is it day or night ?

Me too!

Just last week, I finally figured out what n where, the “Detection zone feature” is n How to set it up.

When I saved my setting and still got alerts. I thought it was just, plain ole Newbie Me (4 mos old). :baby_symbol:

But, whenever I went back to check. Either the zone went back to full screen or stayed in the zone, that I have set. It still detected motion outside that zone.

Night or day, cars or lights.
Just a little, too much action.

This makes capturing important movements a bit more tricky.

I’d love to read about a fix for this.

Still loving the product n “spreading the word, to the Wyze!” . :wink:

The camera is pointing outside. The “active area” is the zone just outside my front door on my porch. Motion alerts (far outside the zone) have been set off by cars driving by, walkers on the sidewalk. Occurs during the day, for sure. Not yet sure about night, as I simply turned off the alert.

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Thanks for saying so, Burly. Good to have someone in the boat with me! :slight_smile:

For me, it’s few tripping during the day.I
And lights from certain wide angle headlights are the problem at nite!

I still love my cam!

Happy New Year!
To One n All the Wyze-r’s out there!

I’m having the same problem but on the Pan Cam. Way outside the detection zone.

same problem here; zone is set but alerts are generated (both day & night) for events outside the zone.

zone is set just around the front porch and front porch steps
ups guy pulls up to the curb, WAY outside the detection zone
motion from the van is detected but i receive no person alert when the ups guy actually steps on the porch to leave a package

come on wyze!! i’m noticing these comments are over 6 months old, yet none of these users came back and said “hey - detection zone works consistently now! great!”

Same here, I set up a zone maybe 1/3 of the field of view. It triggers from movement outside this zone.

I just set up a V2 for a friend with a detection zone in the bottom right and when his neighbor pulls in his driveway upper left the camera sends a notification. This is a daytime event so it’s not headlight from the car.

Could it be a shadow, or is there anything in the detection zone moving like a plant

Not in the detection zone chosen nor any shadows cast from other objects on the porch.

Have you gone back into the settings to be sure it kept them all and did not reset. If you turn on motion tagging does it tag any motion in the selected area.

Settings are all the same I checks today when he told me the problem, Motion Tagging is off I’ll have him turn it on a see.

Reduce the sensitivity of the direction zone a little. You may have to play around with it.

I still dont see a reply from Wyze on this one. I’m having the same problem but I think the cause is that the detection zone resets to the full screen. It says the changes will be saved automatically but whenever I go back into the app to check it’s back to full screen again.

I have seen this happen on occasion but I figured it was because the camera was not connected at the time, if I let it fully connect then go into detection zone it showed it accurately

I have 1 Wyze cam v2 that the detection zone works perfectly as I had it set a bit to big and kept getting set off by motion over top of fence. Since adjusting it works perfect. My problem is I received a 2nd Wyze cam v2 for Christmas that I face out my front window. I set the detection zone to a very small area of my front sidewalk as it was picking up bushes moving from a breeze and cars in the parking lot of my complex coming in and out. None of these are even close to being in the detection zone. It happens day or night. I have the sensitivity set at 14. Seeing all the above unaddressed comments above I see it is an issue that hasn’t been addressed by Wyze yet that I can tell. Anyone figure this out?

Monitor your cam for a bit. You’ll notice that when it detects motion a box is drawn around the moving object. This box is typically much larger than the object it is detecting. It took me a while to figure this out but I believe that if ANY point of this box extends into your detection zone an event is triggered.

Thank you, I just adjusted the detection box down to the smallest it would go and think that this could be the issue as I am close to a parking lot. I will monitor it and really pay attention and if I continue to have issues I will report back. Again, thank you for your response.