Detection Zone Issue

Hello, I just discovered this new detection setting on my V2 cameras. And yes yet another failed solution by Wyze. I get notifications from the exclusion areas!!! I don’t get it. Isn’t this stuff tested one bit before rolling it out? I’m on the phone with Wyze Tech Support. Nice guy, but he doesn’t know at all what I am talking about.

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Thank you to the Mod for moving my message. Sorry I posted it by mistake in the wrong section.

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I am again beyond ticked off with Wyze. My Detection Zones worked till today. I open 2 camera’s settings for the first time in a year and the process has changed. Now the [Mod Edit] zones work in practically reverse and I can’t stop getting notifications everytime a branch on a tree moves unless I change the sensitivity down to 20. Greeeeaaaaaaaattttttttttttt

Just unreal AGAIN how anything is rolled out without proper testing!

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I have the same issue. The new exclusion zone format doesn’t work for me on my Wyze Cam V2. Has anyone received a solution from tech support or ???

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I am sure as you read this thread, there is no solution. This all worked perfect for years. But Wyze decided to update this function and actually totally wreck it and make their camera’s junk. I simply don’t get Wyze anymore. They’re not a camera company foremost anymore - that is obvious.

So it’s been well over a month! IS this ever going to be addressed? Fixed? This is an utter god damn joke! Yet I see there is a new hand held vacuum cleaner now. WTF??? The detection zone works for years and now it’s jacked! FIX THIS!

I’ve been having the same problem with the detection grid…
I’m constantly getting alerts triggered from areas that I’ve excluded. I thought it was just me, but I’ve tinkered and widened the exclusion zones to no effect.
Every time a car drives past my house, every time a cloud passes by, and ever doggone time the wind slightly rustles the Clematis vines in the corner of my porch, all well excluded, I get an alert.
I often have to snooze the alert notices just to avoid the interruptions, which voids the primary reason I have the cameras.
PS, the sensitivity levels are already set very low.

Let’s address this particular issue soon, please.