Wyze Cam - detection zone:-) not too accurate, is it?

Hello All,

I’ve bought 2 cameras w/ there outdoors housing, but can’t seem to obtain notifications of movement based on “detection zone”… Today my cam plus trial expired and i was never really able to try it because of my lack of technology knowledge. I’ve played with all settings that I’ve found that allows for motion detection and notifications, but no luck. I was going to call Technical support but they are now closed until Monday.

Any assistance is appreciated!

Try Deleting the Wyze app and re-installing it. Sometimes old stuff laying around blocks push notifcations. That way all the settings will be default. Dont do this if you have a ton of rules and other stuff you wanna keep because you will lose them…Also make sure you phone isnt on Do not Disturb or Silence all.

No, you won’t lose any of the rule settings. They are stored on the server. All of your personal settings won’t go anywhere.

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Welcome to the Forum @Gus2FL ! Sorry you are having problems.
-To start with the basics, make sure your Settings/Detection Zone is set to on, and you have enclosed an area you want to monitor within the adjustable green box. Also, try experimenting with the sensitivity settings.
-Under the Settings/Notifications make sure Send Notifications is turned on and at least one of the events below is selected.
-under Event Recording selects what Detection you want recorded and to be notified of
-on the app Home Screen, upper right corner make sure the tiny bell :bell: icon doesn’t have even tinier ’zzz’s’ thru it. That overrides and turns of sending notifications.
-Home Screen/Account/Notifications/Send Notifications should be turned on and each cam should have Send and Events selected
-Make sure the Notifications are enabled on whatever device-phone, pad, etc- for the Wyze app
Hope this at least gets you started!


I am sorry but i mis-read your post. Unfortunitaly the activity zones are not tied to push notices, Only the Motion or Sound is bonded with push notices. Like you have 2 zones, Zone 1 Will not report animal or person and Zone 2 wont report Animal and Person , with relativity to the Zone.

You can only have 1 zone per camera.
It’s not clear what you are referring to.

Welcome to the forum.

Are you seeing anything in the Events tab?
Start with zones either turned off or covering the entire viewing area.

I was setting up a zone on my Arlo pro 3, it totally slipped this post…

Ok, I guess?