Motion Detector

Overall Wyze cam works great. The only issue I have seen is it doesn’t notify me when it detects any motion. Is there any specific setting that needs to be done in order for the cam to give out push notification?

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Yes, there is a push notification switch that needs to engaged. That setting can be found under the Notifications tab and the little gear icon on the top right. Under that setting screen (under the gear icon) will be the push notification switch.

Hello! I have motion detection turned on on my device, and push notifications turned on under notifications, but I no longer get notifications. They seem to have stopped working after I shared my cams with my wife. She gets notifications just fine, but I stopped getting them. Any suggestions?

Disable and re-enable. Make sure your sensitivity is set to the same setting as your <b>wife’s settings (I had this issue with my wife being added). I shared and it basically knocked me off the grid, so I stopped sharing,logged into the app on my wife’s phone under my account and that killed the hiccup you are describing… Hope that helps
</b>KPHammer: What MOS are you using: IOS or Android?

@dvc2005 We both have the sensitivity set the same (Medium). We’re both using Android. I’m running Android 7.1.1. I recently joined the Beta and the app version I’m running now is 1.1.56 (I had the issue before the upgrade to Beta, and still have it on the Beta).

I have a feeling WyzeCam has something like 1 field to store the FCM (or similar) token/key and when I shared it with my wife her device now holds the spot. But if you’re saying when you both log into the same account you both get the notification, that must not be true.

I’ll have to try killing the share and having both of us log into the same account.

I have two of these suckers installed inside on my windows looking out.

  • Motion detector does not work.

  • Timelaps seem not record. (could never get it to work)

  • Motions are not recorded on my 32gb microCD - despite the fact, it is recoginzed by the camera.

Micophone is very sensitve & camera works fantastic. Poor SD recording. (now you can settle that perennial argument with your wife, as who is snoring at night)

Motion detection won’t work through a window.

Edit: My mistake. @ShadowCam is correct.

Do Night Vision and/or Motion Detection work through a window or other glass?

Night Vision: The WyzeCam emits a 850nm infrared light for the night vision feature. This infrared light will be reflected by glass, which distorts the image. Therefore, the night vision feature does not work through a window or glass.

Motion Detection: During the day the infrared lights are not necessary and therefore there are no reflection issues with the WyzeCam pointed out a window or through glass. Because the WyzeCam compares pixels in its video image to detect motion, the WyzeCam motion detection feature will work through a window or glass

I realize it. But, it could be mitigated with timelaps setting - which also not working at all on both of my cameras

Not true.

Motion detection can work fine through a window. It isn’t actually motion detecting though, it is detecting the change between frames.


IR won’t work through a window though, since it will reflect back into the camera, and blind it.

<span style=“font-family: arial;”>I have two cameras, but only one got noticed, even though I turned on notification for both phones. It happened to both phones, one android and iPhone. I reset the problem camera, but</span><span style=“font-family: arial;”> it did not work, then</span><span style=“font-family: arial;”> I reset both cameras, I even removed the app</span><span style=“font-family: arial;”> from both phones and re-install. It’s still the same problem. If anyone them same problem like me</span><span style=“font-family: arial;”>, please help. Thanks!</span>

We have set up one camera and the app on one iPhone. No SD card yet. Looking outside at the driveway. We have had about half of the vehicle movement events recorded . Car coming in at 5:00 a.m. was captured inspire of the glare of the IR. But the same car coming leaving at 3:00 pm or coming back at 4:00 pm was not recorded. It also recorded a UPS truck coming in , but not when it left. The sensitivity is set to high. The camera has also captured only about 30% of human movement along the driveway and zero of the deer movement. The motion sensor lights come one when the deer are around. But Wyze doesn’t see them.

And i have been getting no-movement videos of my driveway EVERY 5 minutes. 24 x7 !


I am impressed by the ease of set up and th clear instructions. But totally disappointed with the motion sensor. I was hoping to buy 6 of these, but not with these problems.

Same problem here. I initially shared out the camera with my wife and then stopped it and just told her use my credentials to login. We are both logged in now with the same email address and password. She gets the push notifications, but I do not. Not sure how to solve the problem.

I’ve had the same experience, as I’ve noted on a forum elsewhere. I have two WyzeCams, both inside looking out the front and back of my house. I’m finding that even at the lowest sensitivity, they are triggered by the smallest movements like the wind making the plantings move, or the snow on the trees thirty feet away. So I received a string of useless notifications, far too many to review, and I’ve had to turn off the push notifications on my phone. I do know that with another app that I used with an old iPod Touch, I was able to mask off areas that I did not want monitored for movement, and I’m wondering why you guys can’t figure out something like that. Hopefully, you’re working on a solution!

Yippee! I’m in the app beta, and recently updated to app version 1.2.32, and after just power cycling my cameras I started getting push notifications again! My camera firmware is, but I imagine that doesn’t matter.

is there a way to select an specfic area of the frame for motion monitoring?

i am OK with the sensitivity settings but the whole frame is driving me crazy.


I am also trying to get notifications to work.

I go into camera settings>Alert settings. I don’t see the push notification switch.

TY for your help

  • I have android but the spproach is the same (settings>alert settings>detection zone) and i have already done what you suggest. I was wondering if there is something else that needs to be set.
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I figured this out…

The Wyze cam does NOT notify on motion. It notifies to events.

Make sure that you turn ON event recording (like motion). Then the notifications will come through.