Motion detection alerts not happening

Just received new wyze cam. Plugged in, configured wifi connection and applied firmware update. confirmed motion detection alerts were enabled and then walked through its field of view several times and got nothing.

Saw discussion in forum about there being 5min cool down periods between motion detection triggered 12second captures and so waited 15mins and walked through field of view again, still nothing, Tried this a couple more times and no change.

Also tried making sure the android app was left running in foreground even though i’d expect push notifications to work even if it was in background or closed just not in forced stop state.

Am i overlooking some obvious new user setting ore requirement to get motion, or motion + sound, detection alerts and 12second capture to work?

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First off, I think the “cooling off” comments are just wild opinions … I get back-to-back Notifications and have back-to-back Event recordings.

The push Notifications do not require the Wyze app to be in the foreground. (though if you clicked Record, that does require the app to be in foreground).

Have you checked (Android) Settings → Apps → Wyze app → Notifications-> Show Notifications?

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Hello @myusrn and welcome to the community.

There is a 5-minute cool down between recordings and the recordings will only record for 12 seconds. That is true, unless you subscribe to CMC (Complete Motion Capture).

If you aren’t getting any notifications or event videos I would look at some of the articles here and make sure all of the settings are correct first.


@myswtest, thanks for the response and suggestions.

Yes my android q / 10 | settings | apps & notifications | wyze | notifications | show notifications = on and wyzenormal = on.

Also in wyze app | <my new cam> | settings | notifications | send notifications = on and motion = on. Also in wyze app | events | <today> there are no event entries.

Presumably it shouldn’t have been necessary, because the UI suggests it has to do with recording of events, but when i changed wyze app | <my new cam> | settings | event recording | record event when detects motion = off was changed to on and then i walked by camera it triggered a push notification on my phone.

As for the 5min event capture intervals, referred to as “cooling off” behavior in other forum threads. I was not able to trigger back to back event notifications and/or recordings. I didn’t time it down to the second but if i waited 5mins from timestamp on the cameras last captured event to then move again across its field of vision it would again capture another 12seconds of video and send a push notification of the event. Immediately after that it would again stop capturing events and sending push notification for another 5mins. I did notice that as a new user i was prompted to signup for a free trial of their service that lifts this cooling off period between events . . . maybe you inadvertently signed up for that free trial and that’s why you are not seeing the same behavior?

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@WyzeJasonJ, thanks for the response and suggesions.

Looks like the issue was my misinterpretation of the service being able to send out push notifications of events w/o having any settings | event recording | record event when schedule configured. Makes sense, why get a push notification w/o any video and audio to go with it.

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