Sound Notifications, But Not Motion


I have 2 Wyze Cams configured for sound and motion detection and both were working fine. I unplugged them for a few days and now I can only get sound notifications, no motion alerts.

I’m watching contractors go in and out of my garage and all I’m getting is sound alerts.

I toggled every switch I could think of, both in the app and on my Android phone. I did a force stop of the app, I cycled the power on both cameras, the firmware is up to date, etc.

I’m thinking it has to be something I did because it’s happening on both cameras, but I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Any idea where to look for whatever it is that’s stopping the motion alerts?


I would look and see what your event recordings settings look like the the notification page.

As I noted (hinted at?) in my OP, AFAIKT everything is set correctly to notify me on motion events.

Everything appears to be set up exactly as it was before I powered the devices off last week, yet all I get is sound alerts today.

Very confusing.

Thanks for your help.

Here are my settings. Both cameras are set up the same way. Do you see anything that I have set incorrectly?

Just to be sure that we are on the same page, the motion events are recording, I’m just not getting any motion notifications from either camera, only sound alerts.

I don’t think I can suggest anything else maybe the cam plus got out of whack? If the cams are recording and giving you events on the Events page you should be getting notifications for all you have set. I don’t have the same cams, I have V3 cams, V3 Pro cam and four version 1 WCO battery powered cams. I am also using the iOS app. I guess you could go into your account> services> Cam Plus> and remove the cams from plus by tapping the check mark then add it back on. Just a wild guess???

I hate to burst your final bubble :wink: but only 1 cam is enrolled in Cam Plus, yet neither cam is alerting me to motion events.

I’ll try the Cam Plus reset thing anyway just to see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestions.

What make, model of phone/tablet are you using and which operating system version? Also, what is the Wyze app version number?

I’m pretty sure it’s not the phone or app. I remembered that I have a third Cam V2, so I dug it out and powered it on. Motion notifications from that cam started immediately. I did a quick check and all 3 cams seem to be configured the same but I’m going to do a deep dive, screen by screen, to make sure.

I don’t recall changing anything on the 2 that aren’t sending motion notifications anymore, but maybe I did. I know it’s possible for 2 devices to “fail” at the same time but it seems unlikely.

The investigation continues.

Have you found anything on your v2? I have alert issues on my v2 and doorbell as described below on another thread. The Wyze support is looking into it but it’s taking a while and I’m missing all alerts.

Since the release of Wyze app for iOS (June 7, 2023) , the alert features do not work on Wyze Cam and Wyze Doorbell. All are enabled both on iOS as well as on Wyze app, but there is no alert!

I did not determine a cause, but the problem no longer exists. As I mentioned in my original post, the cameras were working fine, then I unplugged them for a while (many days) and when I started using them again, they started acting weird in the manner described. I had not changed any settings or locations from the previous use.

I then unplugged them again for a few weeks and when I set them up before leaving for vacation, they all started working again. Same settings, same locations, etc. I had power cycled the cameras numerous times when the issues were present, so it wasn’t that they just needed a reboot.

I have no explanation as to why they didn’t work properly during that brief period. Another issue that occurred during the non-working period was that both cameras powered themselves down at some point. I tried to view the live stream via the app, only to find that 2 of my 3 cameras, the 2 with the motion alert issues, were powered off. Since I had been monitoring the cameras because of the issues, there’s no way that I powered them off.

Was helping another user recently with cams successfully uploading and notifying for Sound Events but missing the Motion or AI Event uploads and notifications. Saw the title of the thread and thought I might just add some things we found for clarification and future reference.

When a cam initiates a Sound Activated Event upload, the upload is 12s by default and is not routed thru the AI Bot server. It is simply posted as a Sound Event and will not receive any AI Tags.

During the 12s that the cam is uploading the Sound Activated Event to the server, the cam cannot upload any other type of event. If there is motion that would have normally initiated a Motion Activated Event upload during the 12s that the Sound Activated Upload is processing, it will not trigger the cam, upload, or notify.

Many times, the sound comes first from outside the frame, initiates a Sound Activated Event upload, and the Motion Event is missed because of this.

That’s interesting…for my case, it just stopped alerting when wyze app was updated. But the events still appear on the event list. And I don’t have a cam plus subscription.

Thanks for your observation. But how is it then that all trigger events (both sound and motion of the same time events) still appear on the event list? For me, all triggered events are on the event list but there is no alert.

For me it was working fine until the wyze iOS app update( (June 7, 2023)) as no other settings are changed. And I never had a cam plus subscription.

I can’t answer that as my testing with the user I was helping dealt with AI Motion videos thru the AI Bot on the server. When the Sound Activated Event was uploading, AI tagged uploads failed. With the Sound Activated Event uploads disabled, the Motion Activated Event uploads and AI Server tagging resumed as expected.

I believe the iOS App may well be the problem. There are too many topics and posts to reference here revealing issues with the iOS app. There is currently a Beta Release Candidate in final testing, so many are :crossed_fingers: hopeful that it will fix some bugs.

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The new iOS app 2.43 DID NOT FIX “No Alert Issues” on v2 and doorbell.
Still no alerts even though all alert settings are on both app and on device