Lost most of the motion sensor notifications after update- V1

After the latest update(s) I have noticed a significant decrease in the motion alerts/notifications (V1 camera)

I have the camera in my garage and before the updates if I didnt turn off the notification it would literally annoy me so much (cell vibrating, beeping) because every time I moved I would get an alert but now I can freely move around my garage for about 5 minutes and not get any notification, what happened?

I already played with the motion detection level bar and also the little square that sets a specific area to alert you or “full screen”, something happened because I literally have to be in my garage for about 10 min walking around before I get 1 motion notification if I get lucky (sound notifications are working fine, it’s the motion ones that SUCK now)

Did you try increasing the sensitivity?

I noticed several months before the AI feature was introduced that the efficacy of my motion alerts on all of my cameras dropped by half!! Wyze intentionally screwed with their cameras sensing ability to force you to use the feature. I know this because these cameras were a god send for watching foot traffic in and out of rental properties. Then, magically half of all the motion alerts just vanished. So, I was forced to turn on the BS AI feature. Now I get 25% of motion alerts!!! If I’m lucky. People come in and they never leave or I see people leaving and I spend hours trying to see when they arrived.

I have recommended these cameras to countless people and now they suck. I am looking into a new security system. So pissed, I loved these bloody cameras and they ruined them.

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Welcome to the community, @jacbtac. Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Can you possibly post screenshots one of your problem camera’s Notifications, Detection Settings and Event Recording settings pages? Also, have you submitted any support requests to Wyze?

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