Wyzecam V2 Motion Detection Issues

My new Wyzecam v2 is not sending motion detection alerts. There is also nothing in the notifications section.


All if if my other cameras are working fine.

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I’m having the same problem with my new v2 as well. Very frustrating!

I’m not thrilled hearing these reports, but I feel more sane!

I was just playing with my 4 new units, and it’s been pretty disappointingly inconsistent. My garage/alley location wouldn’t trigger motion when I drove past it, let alone walked past it. I played with sensitivity and night vision settings to no avail.

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Ha ha, Alerts started coming through at 7:15am PST which is probably when the engineer in charge came into the office (or more likely remoted in from home in his PJs) and said huh, the push messaging server is down again. Let’s restart the service. Or maybe it was that pesky host that applied another server update last night…



BTW, Wyze, ease up on the crazy captcha verifications! It just had me go through 7 pictures!!

Mine worked for like half a second.

I’ve actually been watching the camera feed in the app and I’ve seen the green motion tag come up and highlight the motion and it still doesn’t throw an alert.

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Motion tagging has been working for mine but only picks up fast moving objects like cars passing by in front of my house, but when it comes to me parking and walking towards the door it doesn’t notify me in regards to that though.

So it’s pointless to get notifications regarding fast moving cars passing by my house.

I went ahead and lowered the sensitivity let’s see what happens now.

Following Specs:

Pixel 2 XL

Beta Version of the WyzeCam App

V2 of the WyzeCam just got it yesterday

I’ve been getting alerts now, but I can’t tell if it’s a daylight issue or something else.

Now that we’ve past dusk, motion alerts stop working. One camera pointed inside (lights ON) my garage detects and alerts for motion, one pointed outside where it’s darker, and nothing triggers it.

Received the v2, the push notification never work on my phones.

Just got 3 V2 cams yesterday. I’m having trouble with low light motion detection. I get no motion alerts or cloud recordings unless I move the camera into a well lit room.

Did some more testing with a 2nd cam to confirm. Both do not record or alert to motion when on low light. Once the camera has switched to low light, and then back to daylight, it stops recording and notifying of motion. I believe this is a firmware issue. I’m expecting that wyze is likely working on this, or should be.

I can confirm the same issue for me.

I received my V2 yesterday and set it up around 6:00 PM. Last night and this morning in low/no light, no motion alerts.

Now that the sun is up and the camera is in daytime mode, I am getting alert videos. Still no push notifications though…

Tested my v2 last night. No alert recording when night vision is on. Still, have no push notification anytime of the day.

I am not seeing anywhere to select the green motion detection area??? Can anyone post the steps to have this popup?


At this time there is no option to define a motion detection area, though I remember reading it was planned for a future firmware.

The green motion detection area is a dynamic rectangular overlay the camera draws around detected motion. You should be able to see it in the live view or any recorded clips.

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I know you are “the messenger” but what is the point of this green motion detection area if the entire area <IS> the motion detection area? This is the sole reason that I purchased this camera. Read about this same feature that has been around for 5 years with the Izon camera. This should have been an easy addition and a MUST HAVE. Hopefully, someone from the company can reply to this. I am surprised that no one else has been disappointed by this…?

The green box just helps highlights whatever might have triggered the alert. It is also useful for adjusting the camera aim and the sensitivity of the motion alert.

I agree that being able to set detection areas, or excluded areas, would be nice, but at $25 I won’t complain. I know they are working on it, and once it is in there, it will be comparable to a $100+ camera.

I wasn’t disappointed by the lack of that feature because I knew it didn’t have that feature when I purchased it. I read in the forums before buying one that it wasn’t in there but there were plans to add it.


Well, I had an online chat with Jack from WyzeCam who told me that this WAS going to be the feature of the green outline. He either was just trying to agree with me to end my question, or misunderstood…

I’m pretty sure it’s only in the beta app right now, but I can define a motion detection zone at the bottom of the alerts settings section for each camera.

Thanks. That would be great. I will wait and see.