Wyze 2 camera not detecting motion

Hi! I’m using 2 Wyze 2 cameras in my twins’ bedroom. Yesterday and this morning they are not picking up movement. Night vision is working. They aren’t detecting movement. Maybe 2 or 3 over the last day. Firmware is updated, I’ve unplugged and plugged them back in.

when and where did you buy the camera?

Amazon. Maybe a month or so ago.

@mkor317 … you’re not clear …
a) you’re not getting notifications?
b) when you navigate to “Events” tab, there are no entries?

Those are two different things and resolved differently.

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I owned One V2 for 4 weeks now.
I found motion detection isdone by WYZE server.
I had one occasion for a few days with no events in event tab page but I do know newspaper guy came in 5am and always activate detection. This is possibly WYZE was working on their server and everything is just paused.

then I tried one turned off Internet access for my V2 since I have sd card.
yes no detections what so ever and with an error code 90. meaning V2 can’t call home.
once I turned internet back on. it went bk to norm.

V2 is not not a stand alone system. you can,t really use it withi LAN. user must have WAN.

When initially powering up it must see the internet at least once, if internet is removed after that it will continue to record to SD. If it loses power however it will then have to see internet again before it will start recording.

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thx, I am aware of the internet after reading few posts.
my case is that Wyze had not been off nor there was any power interruptions after I experiment with no internet.

perhaps, it is a bug?