Here we go again!

Well, we had a short, 5 minute loss of internet last night thanks to the ISP. Now, all motion detectors will not work nor come back online. I have rebooted cameras and bridges, all to no avail.

The silly Wyze app logs indicate the last motion detection, on all sensors, was at the time the internet went down. Yet, after manually turning on lights and outlets in the app, after a few minutes, the app changes to display an indication that the lights are ‘off’ when they are not.

This is an old defect or glitch with Wyze devices. I am really disappointed it has not been addressed after all this time.

In any event, I assume, unless someone has a workaround, I have to treat all motion sensors as new installs and go through them, one by one, reinstalling them in the app. Yes??

Will internet and power failures every be remedied across all Wyze devices?!?

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it isnt your Wyze is down for some people, there another thread address this Sensor automation not working - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (

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Thanks for the info, but, mine are still down. I have lost all confidence in Wyze. I guess there is no choice but to wait.

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it’s still down for all of us in that thread

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