All Cameras Turned Off

Two days ago, my wife told me that when she opened the Wyze app on her phone, that all the cameras were off. I checked my app, and was able to turn them on without issue.

Problem is, neither of us turned them off. We have never turned them off with the app or otherwise.

I have a Ubiquity home network so I checked for outage issues and there were none. All my Wyze devices were connected and had not lost connectivity in the preceeding 72 hours (longer actually, but I’m going back to as far as the last time I had the app open).

Was this just me? Anyone else have this?

I put in a support ticket but Wyze support must be powered by the dumbest AI in existance. I put all the needed info in the request and I’ve received nothing but questions about my systems and configurations. All of which was provided in the very first request.


Yeah. I have some issues with the AI myself.

I see you are on Android. Which cameras or devices are you using? Personally I haven’t seen this issue, but I can understand it could happen.

Only thing occurred with me is where I bumped the group power button a long time ago.

When cameras are turned off from the app, they’re still connected to the network/internet. It’s just the live view that is turned off. That’s why your router is not reporting any outages.

Right, but are they still recording events?

If it’s just in the app, I’m going to drop it as an issue.

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I don’t think so.

They don’t record cloud events and shouldn’t record to the sd card either.

Is it possible that the group off/on button was touched by mistake? I know I do, sometimes.

That would make sense and I discussed with the wife. She was certain that she didn’t do that and I am positive that I didn’t.

I never understood the need to turn cameras off, personally. I would just unplug a cam that I didn’t want in use or recording motion (as in my garage when I’m working out there). But I guess there are use cases that I am unaware of.

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I brought it up because I really never notice that I touched the group on/off button. It’s because the culprit is usually the palm. I’d only notice the next time I checked the cameras and the cameras were off.

I know I’m not the only one who does this; I saw someone complain about it here.

Very true. I turn off my old v2 cams at night in the backyard since they don’t have night vision. I also only have my garage cam on when I go to sleep. The v3 cams are amazing.

You can also set a rule to turn on all cams once a day in case this happens again. Too bad there isn’t an event log available.

When you want to turn off several cameras (say, in a given area) all at once. Rather than go through each one and turn off individually. When I do work in the garage with several cameras there, I don’t want every single second recorded.

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You must have a huge garage. I only have one garage cam. :frowning_face:

3 car garage, I wanted at least one of my kids to stay with us, but no, they all want separate apartments. So there’s an empty area good for tinkering. :thinking:

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Very nice.

I’ve noticed in the past few days, 1 or 2 cams turned off in the app that that should have been on. No explanation. I turned them back on without issue. They did not go to offline, just turned off. Happening almost daily. I would think this one is on Wyze and not AWS, but I could be wrong.

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No accidental clicking. I know these buttons well on the home page. I’m talking about opening the app for first time of the day or afternoon. My cams except for doorbells have rules to turn on/off at specific times. This is happening outside of the parameters of the rules. Freak occurrence because I know which cams should be on when I open the app.

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Same. Mine have done the same thing and I wasn’t even on my phone but watching a movie. Then when I got back on my phone to check they were turned off. I don’t even know what happened.

I don’t have any rules for my cams. They’re just on all the time. This is one thing that support asked me, I fugured they would, and it could be a source a problem. But in my case, if I were to make a rule like that it would be with the Wyze built in tools. So it would still be a Wyze issue, in my mind.

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