All devices show offline for weeks now

All my devices - cams, door locks, color bulbs, floor lamps, scales, outlets, everything…
One day they just all showed up offline. I can see live feed on cams, can format SD cards, update time but can’t update any firmware on anything. This is completely unacceptable.
I can’t control any bulbs- color, on or off, anything…
I’ve had Wyze products for years and have a significant investment in the products.
Ive contacted support about it and have had absolutely no improvement with devices.
I’ve tried removing and reinstalling devices, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, tried many different tablets and phones with the app. Nothing.

This is an epic fail on Wyze and such a huge disappointment and tragic loss of confidence in their products.

I have high end network equipment and it’s all worked fine for years but it’s all completely worthless to me currently.

You would think Wyze would be somewhat concerned with my total failure of the connection to their cloud as it’s not just one device but all devices, but Wyze has not shown any interest in fixing the issue and want to actually close the service ticket!
Their only suggestion is to delete all the devices and reinstall them.

I have zero interest in doing all that and will likely remove all their products from my property as they are unreliable and no longer function correctly.

There are plenty of other products out there which can fill their debacle.

Shame on you Wyze!


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Frustrating. Are you ‘done’…?

Or is this your ‘hail mary’? :slight_smile:

Have you tried power cycling any of the devices?

Sounds like their unable to reach the cloud, have you setup any firewall rules or anything that could block the servers from talking with the devices?

I’ve power cycled everything several times. Makes zero difference.
Nothing has changed with my networking. I’ve checked again all router settings and it is all like it’s been for years, working fine.

I do have 2 v3 cams that are showing as online (the only devices that came back online after reinstalling) so I know I’m getting through to their server space.

Hail Mary? Hahaha. It’s pretty obvious to me that this is a Wyze problem, not a MY problem. For a camera system, door locks, outlets and light bulbs to all crash at once is clearly a reliability issue and does not earn any brownie points for Wyze or the infrastructure they operate on.

There are plenty of far more reliable, but more costly solutions to replace Wyze with.

I have over 270 ZigBee and Z-Wave devices on Hubitat, which Wyze can’t seem to work with, and they all work perfectly with no cloud dependency required, and dosent clog up my network either.

So Hail Mary? Not really. More like a nail in the Wyze coffin for me. It’s obvious there is zero redundancy with Wyze software and yet they keep adding to their product lineup, and leasing server space from Amazon instead of focusing on reliability.

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@ spaguru I had the same issue regarding Wyze not addressing the root causes. All I ever get is “try recycling power or reinstalling”. Total crap answers from Wyze. Only thing worse than sucking is sucking and not admitting it. Thanks

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Power cyvle never works for me.
Do you have CamPlus Lite?

I suspect it was an account corruption. Only Wyze can fix.

Submit lots of Log(SSS)
Post your issue in Fix it Friday thread.

Hail Mary?
You better believe its frustrating!!!
The past year or so, firmware getting worse, they are trying so hard to move people into useless services and subscriptions, seems like all the RD money being spent on that. Doorbell sucks, not much more than a decoration. Camera AI doesn’t work… Just be a crime calling Wyze AI, a AI. Doesn’t learn anything, and what it knows doesn’t work.
Cameras and devices being offline big issue. I have a camera 5K Km’s away, that just decided to go offline. Still working, but i can’t update firmware and some other settings are not available. So, maybe not issue for you, it is for the rest of us.

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Hey @Spaguru

I get the frustration I wasn’t being sarcastic. Keying off this:

I was checking to see if you were posting as a last-ditch effort to troubleshoot with the help of the community or if you were just venting as you shed the products and company and headed out the door.

If the latter, sometimes suggestions only irritate the irritated. :slight_smile:

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Hey @aetoronto

Cold comfort, I know, but…? :slight_smile: