All Wyze Cams and Services are Down or not working correctly at this time

At this time Wyze has not made any public statements about this but everyone is seeing this issue.

It would be recommended to NOT reset any cameras or subscribe to any Wyze services during this time.

Hopefully Wyze will make a statement about this shortly but for now just hold tight and wait. Re-installing apps and doing all normal things will NOT fix this issue at this time.

It is an issue on the server side and not a local issue with your. Some camera are blinking in weird ways and a few people have working systems. But it is all a little messed up to totally not working.

So hold tight folks I am sure Wyze is aware and are working on it.


This is a seriously bad outtage, I hope they track down the perpetrator(s) n sack them so this doesn’t happen again.


Same here. Not only not working, cameras appear as if they are in operation, while they shouldnt be


Got ya thanks for that information. I want to look at my cams an hour ago and all my devices were missing after I had to log in. Glad to know its server side

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Also impacting tinyCam, some error about “<html>” and a failed JSON call.

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Flood lights keep coming on and going off


This is truly horrible. While I have been trusting this company since day one, this is a really really bad way to start off the day. My business is not secure right now. Neither is my home really need to get this worked out.


2/4 won’t connect to internet. I added the 4th last night so I thought that was the issue?

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This is crazy but so glad it is just not me


According to the Chatbot there was a partner issue. I’ve done as instructed, but still not working here.

The Wyze app is not working.

Tinycam still not working.

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Yeah, mine definitely isn’t working still. Even tried resetting and deleting (wouldn’t even delete) before I stumbled on this thread.


Im seeing posts on here that said this should be resolved. I still have 50% of my cameras offline after powercycling them. Is this outage still going on before i have to start climbing ladders?

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Thanks for the info, I was wondering why only 1/4 of my cams were up and working?!

Woke up to 4/6 cameras blinking blue, ive restarted cams, and internet and no fix. Wyze support bot hasnt been any help. Im glad i dound this

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Unplug your device are you kidding me? What if you have 25 cameras and some of them are on the roof that is not acceptable


Most certainly not resolved. All of my cameras are still not in my app.

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I would wait. I am trying to edit my devices in the app by moving them around and then clicking on save. As of this post, it is failing to update. This way, I don’t have to get off my arse. lol

Plus, I can hear one of my cameras attempting to connect and rebooting automatically.

So this is why you need to not have your devices cloud based. When a company controls every part of the device you paid for and you can’t use it without it phoning home well we get this type of issue. I can’t even logout of the Wyze app let alone view or check any of my devices. Guess it’s time to throw all this in the trash and move on to something else.


Garbage company. Garbage product. 7 years I’m done with this [Mod Edit]

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I agree.

I am about done with cloud-based technologies. Streaming services (Paramount+ during SuperBowl), Amazon Alexa devices not working consistently, and internet service providers (especially Spectrum) going down for hours on end.

It’s all great - until it’s not. lol