Service Advisory 02/16/2024

2/16/2024 11:28 AM PT - Our metrics are showing continued improvement for device connection recovery. If your device is still experiencing the issue, please try rebooting or power-cycling your device. We are temporarily disabling the Event tab in the Wyze app to investigate a possible security issue and will have it back up soon. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

10:46 AM PT - Our metrics are showing continued improvement and we will continue to monitor them closely. Thank you for your continued patience.

10:07 AM PT - Our metrics show that devices are starting to recover. We are still investigating an issue with the Events Tab and will have another update shortly with further info.

8:57 AM PT - We are continuing to work on this outage and appreciate your patience at this time.

7:24 AM PT - We are aware of an issue with our AWS partner which has impacted device connection and caused login difficulties. We are taking steps to mitigate the problem on our end as we work with AWS to resolve the issue.

6:31 AM PT - We are currently receiving reports of offline devices and login difficulties. We are currently looking into the issue and will have an update as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience.

Original Post by @loki:

Fellow Wyze users: your volunteer Moderator and Maven teams are aware of a service outage that is affecting some users and devices. We are in the process of alerting Wyze staff to get an update. Please stand by and look for an update soon.

Our advise is to not attempt to delete or reinstall the app or Wyze devices at this time. That is not likely to resolve the issue and will probably result in additional steps needed after the outage is resolved.


Affecting some users? How about all users?!


I am seeing lots of posts on this issue. I am having the same issue, whether I use the app or website. I log in, tries pulling up cameras, then boots me out and logs me out. Wyze should have a method of communicating to all users if and when these issues happen especially if they are starting to use it for security and alarm purposes. I have ten cameras, and depend on them especially when I am traveling.


Woke up today with one light not working, not even as a manual light. Some cameras showed offline, some showed online but when trying to view tells you error code wont connect check your wifi, etc. I tried to add back a camera and that will not work. Even did the whole reboot my internet (painful as that is usually). So yes, this is not local or only a few folks. Sounds like someone did an update without testing it :slight_smile:


Same here. Error code 504


Oh you know no rush, they’re just killing any chance of many people ever purchasing their shoddy products again…


Hurry up @Loki. I have a flight in 8 hours for a week long vacation. :grin:



WYZE app is not working to show events in addition to some lights not turing off.

Will there be a refund from WYZE for this outage???


Same here…woke up to the blue light blinking on my camera and the app wont load anything. Says error code 504 wont load my devices or let me even log out of the app itself.


This morning four of my eight cameras have connection errors. Tried reinstalling the app since it was a new release now app won’t show cameras at all, Have error code 504 on my android phone. Wifes phone won’t load cameras on home page but will show the four working cameras if you click on them but not showing on home page with failed to load error.
I see the service advisory, now my app is showing two of my cameras working and six are offline. Hopefully they will come back after Wyze gets things back up, but I will worry until if and when it happens.


All my devices disappeared.


It would have been nice to send out a mass email stating the issue so we didnt just spend the last 2 hours trying to reconnect 12 cameras! Also I am paying for this Cam plus service and it cant be used while the system is down… and my subscription is on 12 cameras. I should be refunded for this lost time for a service im paying for to use!


i don’t think this is ‘some users’, it is affecting most users, I have 6 cams that are down


Uhh, where camera


I can tell you from some checks that’s I’ve done that not all users are affected on all devices. However, it is definitely widespread.


I assume it’s another AWS or Wyze server outage and many of us that have been here for many years know it’s not the first time and won’t be the last.

Unfortunately, this one was chaos for us. We have a licensed home family daycare at our home. Due to timing of the problem and since rules also failed to trigger, our Home Monitoring didn’t auto disarm like it usually does this morning. When my wife opened the door for the first daycare children arriving this morning at 6AM, the alarms started blaring.


Would be nice if Wyze updated there status page to let us paying folks know what is going on instead of having to dig through forum posts…


Same for me. Are your cameras events still coming up in the event viewer?


Seems to be every 2 weeks, on average, since September.