Lost all control of wyze everything on my app

Phone updated (android) last night, and this morning I find I’ve lost the ability to do anything on wyze. Can’t turn on/off a switch, light, camera, anything. App opens but I only get the “failed to update list” warning at the bottom and it’s damn dark around my place because my scheduled lamps aren’t even working! I have about 40+ devices and idk what to do. Rebooting my phone does nothing

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Same here but I use an iPhone. My devices are listed but app says “failed to update device list”. Cams are popping off and on by themselves. Plugs won’t do anything. Never had this problem until I woke up 2 hours ago.


Most of my cams aren’t working since last nite. I cant delete my events from yesterday. Getting error 3840.
I don’t know what to try first. Seems like a wyze problem and not several of my cameras at the same time.
Please help.

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I am having the same issue. Very stressful!

Well, interesting! Sounds like this may be a wyze server issue. Everyone breathe a little, just knowing it’s not only “me” is helpful. Not something I have to fix, but have to hope they get it fixed

Same issue here, all cameras are out, But also noted on the iPhone app and web app as well. So definitely a server problem,


Cam v3 and battery cam pro both down only camera that works is video doorbell pro but only live feed motion such and events no go. Other two cams won’t connect at all. Seem on east coast after 4am Wyze server went down. I am glad not isolated issue.

Same here, cams popping off one by one, app keeps glitching. Thought at first it was my cams but now one by one my cams are popping off. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

I agree, I thought I would have to buy new cameras already. Glad it’s not just me.

Same here. I only have color lights. Explain to me again why I need to go through a server across the Internet to control the lights in my home while I’m at home. I have a Pixel 8 and an iPhone X. The only thing working on Pixel is shortcuts. I can turn on all lights at 100% or turn them all off using shortcuts, but that’s it. Trying to load controls for individual rooms or scenes results in ‘loading’. Scenes eventually loads a blank page. On iOS, the app has signed me out and goes to a “get started” button. Signed back in on iOS and get the failed to update device list error.

My Philips Hue bulbs are working without any issues. This is the future everyone. You’re at the mercy of someone else because you need to be routed across the Internet to control the devices inside your home. I’m done with ‘smart lighting’ after this. I’ll buy standard bulbs and use basic on/off outlet controls that require no Internet access.

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My webview on PC not working. Can sign in but cant see events or live. Can get to support and my account.
On phone Android it keeps looping sign in. I have pumped 6 X 2FA Codes and just loops.
Flashing Blue light indicatesd I have a servor issue???

On an iPhone 15 and same. Uninstalled and reinstalled app but nothing. I loaded the app onto my Android and same issue. This has been happening on and off for days.

Same thought here. I’m literally 3 feet from Cam, phone, web view PC and router.
Yet, its gotta go to an external router just to see cam?.. (using SD card too) ??? If there is a servor error for local viewing, thats on me… If its their server error, WTF ??

Back up and running!

Checked X and lots of folks are reporting issues.
Wyze needs to get on this.

same issue with Wyze Cam v3
Fast blue flashing light.
Finally stopped flashing blue. I heard the “click of connection”
Then it was a solid red light
Checked app was offline.

Then camera went to a slow flashing red and blue
And now it’s back to blue flashing light.

Camera still offline

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Yep same here! Sad that not a sole from WYZE made any sort of announcement that there was a problem on their end.

Believe that it is Wyze server problem. Server owns our device list

Mine is somewhat working now. iOS now loads the lights, but I’m getting pretty severe latency when trying to control my lights. I select a scene, and it takes 30s for the lights to respond. I’m missing my Philips Hue bridge device right now. Hue is expensive, and they recently added an account requirement, but it works.