WYZE outage - 1/30/2023

Good to see I am not alone and thought I would post this here.

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Yeah same.

A few hours ago, my camera’s connection started getting really choppy (live video skipping every other second – not that uncommon for me, but usually correlated to some external problem on Wyze’s end as well.)

Now I’ve lost access to the Events tab entirely and several little red error banners popping up.

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Up to 635 now:

Having issues here too. Cameras with latest firmware update keep power cycling on their own. I keep getting logged out of the iOS app too. Must be some sort of service outage.

It figures, I was just talking about Wyze cameras to a few family members and THIS happens!! :grin:

Same here … I can only view live view. No Events, says I am not subscribed.

Yup, down for me too. A few cams are offline and events are not loading. Issues, as per usual…

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Same here all 8 V3s will not turn on and getting an error code saying “cannot update device list”

I am still getting some notifications of events but they do not appear on the events screen.

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Yes, same here. Error says server connection cannot be made. Seems to be affecting a lot of the WYZE items in the app.

We are looking into the issues right now. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Same issue here in the UK!
Strangely my one Cam3 with the Plus service seems ok, the other Cam 3 not?

Same here in Canada.
The HMS page is blank. Not the best behavior for home security!

And BTW, why isn’t the home page directly giving a warning about outages?
It’s not normal we have to rely to the forums for this.


You can still talk to them - just change the message to “Look for something else.”.

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Any updates will be found here.

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It could be the application (App) as when I updated weeks ago there were all kinds of issues.
Group view for example did not work on all my cameras…

Rolled back the App to version V2.38.0 (153)

I am not experiencing any of the issues posted above on this version of App on Android 13 Pixel 6 pro

I hear you, I quit recommending Wyze to my friends and relatives long ago…

I only recommend to those I know who are Techy types whom can handle the ongoing need to troubleshoot the Wyze cams after nearly every update to cameras or App.

For those whom are not technologically inclined I recommend other more reliable but also more costly camera systems.


Wyze cameras down again? Surprise Surprise! How can anyone recommend these cameras as “true” security devices? I guess the expression “you get what you pay for” applies here!

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Mine are all working now in the UK

My v3 cams are back online now
V2 cams still showing offline and even power cycling them doesn’t work