ALL of my V3 cams are down!

ALL 4 of my Wyze V3 cams are down. It appears they may have all gone down at once, but I wasn’t monitoring them at the time, so not sure exactly how long they’ve been down. I do know it happened within the last few hours. It is 11:40 pm (Central) on Fri, 1 Dec as I type this.

I first suspected a problem with my router, but quickly ruled that out, as all three of my outdoor cams are still working, as is my OG cam.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Same here. I deleted the app twice, deleted the devices, power cycled over 20 times, I can see the preview and even get motion notifications but when i tap on the camera view, it says it is offline. Hoping it is on something on the Wyze end and is worked out soon!


Looks like they are aware and working on a fix. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Pan cam V3, Cam V3, and Cam V2, down in Houston Tx with error device lost connection, Numerous restarts still not working,

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It’s not our cameras or wi-fi. Wyze must be having an issue that affects certain cameras, but not all.

I did a test and my V3 cams are still detecting and recording events and alerting via notification. I just can’t see the live view.

I hope this additional info helps with troubleshooting. :+1:t3:

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Ir’s telling me to update my wyze 12/01/2023
After I did the updates all my 8 wyze camera won’t go online anymore… What the heck is going on???

The issue appears to be fixed.


You may want to reset any detection zones you have set up. Mine still had the toggle showing as enabled after the cams started working again, but were suddenly detecting events within the blocked out areas. After toggling the zone off and on for each one, they seem to be working again. I’ll update later if this is not the case.