Service Advisory - 12/1/2023

12/02/23 2:16 PM PT - The affected items have mostly recovered. If you still are experiencing the issue try power cycling the affected device, if that fails please contact our Support Team at

1:19 AM PT - We are starting to see improvement as things recover. We will continue to monitor the progress throughout the night. We apologize for this inconvenience.

12/01/23 10:15 PM PT - We have identified the root cause of the issues with a Wyze partner service and they are currently working on a fix. We will keep you posted as we progress.

7:26 PM PT - We are currently receiving reports of cameras offline or not able to connect. We are currently looking into the issue and will have an update as soon as we have some more information. Thank you for your patience.


I am definitely experiencing this on the East Coast (Mid-Atlantic).

Noteworthy is that cameras already on are accessible. Cameras that were off don’t seem to be manipulable to turn on or vice versa.

EDIT-1: Smart alert cloud clips seem to be working on cams that are not directly viewable. Also, I actually powered on an impacted cam that still shows off but is now capturing clips.

Here is a Wyze outage and reported problems map. I am in Oregon and all of my v3 cameras are still online and have been all day.

Live View within the App and Cloud videos are working as expected for me.

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I am on the US East Coast outside of NYC and am experiencing this issue too. One of my three Wyze Cam v3 is not connecting to my network. It was giving me an error code 90. I updated the Wyze app on my iphone and then removed the troublesome camera and added it back. It is still not connecting. Very weird because my other two Wzye Cam v3 work fine.

Central NC, 11:55 PM ET. Checked 28 cams. All loaded and live streamed quickly.

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I am thinking that this is mostly a particular location, like North East.

I’m in the West with no issues, but have definitely heard from people in the East having issues.

I’m in Toronto Canada, this issue started happening a couple of hours ago (9:30pm EST Dec 1, 2023). I have 5 Wyze Cam v3’s,
3 of them disconnected and became offline while 2 were still working up to 11:30pm. The 3 that became offline were able to record cloud videos and notifications were working, but cannot access camera live stream and settings.
At 11:30pm EST, all 5 v3’s have now become offline for me. I’ve restarted router and all cameras. I’ve also been trying to factory reset, reflash, reconnect 1 of the cams and it kept saying “Connection Timed out, please scan qr code” whenever I do a setup process.

I’m in Mississippi which is south or southeastern and I’ve been having issues since around 5 or 6pm

10p Boise, down since ~730p

Interesting, definitely more than East Coast. I wonder why it’s some people and not others. It’s not an AWS outage this time though from what I see. I just checked their Service Health Status and it all looks clear:

But there is definitely significant outage reports above the baseline:

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Central Indiana and no issues here

Tried restarting cams which are working and they will become offline. Felt cam streaming a bit sluggish and restarted all using rule. Now all are offline except OG cams. I am in Bay Area, CA.

Try restart to see whether cams can get back online.

I am also in the West coast. Try restart to see whether cams can get back online.

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@catcat1386 is right. I tested rebooting a V3 cam and a V2 cam and they will not come back up. But any of my cameras that I don’t reboot are staying online just fine.

Great thinking catcat386, I think that helps to narrow down that the issue likely has something to do with the initial authentication process. This would explain why a lot of my cameras still keep working fine.

I tried restarting,resetting,making a new account, doing it on on a different device, deleting the app, and nothing works and it’s just flashing blue

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I didn’t have issues till I updated

Welcome! Hope it will be fixed soon. Interestingly my OGs are fine and online after many reboots, different server? My guess is something related to token servers went wrong.


Probably it is related to token servers. Cams cannot get tokens after reboots, hence offline. But OG cams are not affected and keeps working after reboots. I have rule to restast all my many 50+ active cams.