Service Advisory - 12/1/2023

NC western piedmont here. All cams that were on for me weren’t impacted. However cams that were off cannot be turned on, etc.

Mixture of cam pan v1 & v2. No v3 in my environments yet.

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Six of my cams are unresponsive in South GA.

EDIT-1: I’ve also got some white bulbs unresponsive at this site too. Not all, but some.

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Interesting, for the cams that I rebooted, they are partially online. I can’t livestream them, it says they are offline, but they still record, upload and notify me about events. I got a pet notification from the camera and checked and found that it is uploading events still.
So I tested both cameras, and neither of them detected me as a person or my face, but they did record motion. Interesting that the one camera detected my cats, but they aren’t detecting person or faces, and they won’t live stream but they are uploading events, so they are authenticating to some degree.

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12/01/23 10:15 PM PT - We have identified the root cause of the issues with a Wyze partner service and they are currently working on a fix. We will keep you posted as we progress.


The camera could not be connected, flashing with blue light. Pls fix the problem asap.

All my events stopped recording and randomly deleted

My V3 and V2s offline in Houston, Tx. Error is device lost its connection. Many resets still does not work. My internet is working great,

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Interesting. I’m getting events from cameras that say they’re off… :man_shrugging:t2:

Many of my cams are back online. Wyze should tell us what happened and also why OG cams are not affected, different server?

I’m in the Beaufort SC area and still having issues at 4:10 am … App is showing that my cams are off line but it still records,not sure what is going on???

That’s strange … Mine is the same … What the heck???

I still have about 1/5 cams offline. It will take time for those token servers to meet all the requests from so many cams. All my V3s are up but most V2s are still offline.

12/02/23 1:19 AM PT - We are starting to see improvement as things recover. We will continue to monitor the progress throughout the night. We apologize for this inconvenience.


My V3 is back to working again. My V2 is not, but I can’t easily powercycle it at the moment because I have guests sleeping nearby it and don’t want to disturb them. I’m guessing a powercycle would take care of it. Down Detector indicates it’s basically resolved.


Thermostats haven’t worked in weeks.

The thermostat itself even says connected but the app says offline. I’m sure you’re aware.

UPDATE 20231202-1706 Central time; My cameras that were down are now up after being power recycled.

Still down here, with device / status as follows:

Wyze Cam Pan (v1): Down
Wyze Cam v2: All of them down
Wyze Doorbell (v1): Up

Location: Kansas City metro area

As of 12/2/23 around 10:00am Houston,Tx and performing resets all my cams working normal.


When I woke up 7 hours ago (Dec 2, 2023 8am EST), all my v3’s were already working. I didn’t need to restart anything, maybe my android app only.

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12/02/23 2:16 PM PT - The affected items have mostly recovered. If you still are experiencing the issue try power cycling the affected device, if that fails please contact our Support Team at