Multiple v3 cams go offline this morning about the same time

I’ve had multiple V3 cams go offline this morning and won’t reconnect, even after disconnecting power and restarting. This can’t just be me. Anyone else running into this? My other cameras are working. I’ve also rebooted my network. Never had this problem before.


Server outage:


I had the same issue at 5:07am Central time. If it helps, I have four V3 cams, but the only ones that went offline are the three that are outside and powered by Wyze lamp sockets. The V3 in my garage is plugged in to a wall outlet and it’s working normally.

Anyone having this issue on cameras without lamp sockets?

Also, I noticed that none of my Wyze plugs appear in the device list (I have three that are grouped). They’re just gone… :confused:


mine went down at 3:51 ET

Interestingly enough, the one v3 that’s still working is on the back of my house plugged into a lamp socket… Go figure!

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All of my V2 cams are down. My one V3 cam is online, bulbs work but some plugs show offline. Very random.

@itbedave: Well, so much for that theory! Thanks for posting. :+1:t3:

All my cams are back up. But my plugs are still showing offline. I’m sure they’ll be working soon too. Way to go Wyze…thanks for staying on top of this! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:

Mine have come back in the last 15 minutes. However, when I go to check the firmware on them, it says they are offline. Lol



As of right now I can see live feeds from cameras that show Offline in the app but I keep getting a “Failed To Update” notification popping up every few seconds. My Events list is also completely empty and says No Events Found. I can turn some cameras on and off, others don’t respond to anything.

It’s getting better…at least I can now view live feeds and turn some cameras on and off. But event clips have all disappeared.

Very glad that yesterday I downloaded the video of the burglary ring behind my house at 3 in the morning.

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Yep. My events list is now also completely blank. There were recorded events earlier this morning that I could watch. So it looks like this is a byproduct of them working on it. Hopefully we’ll get our events back. But I’m still not seeing any of my plugs online yet.

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I do apologize for this. We took the events list down earlier to investigate an issue, has your event list returned?

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It has returned. And, after restarting my Wyze plugs (unplug/re-plug), they now show up properly in the app.

Thanks for checking. :blush:

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Thank you for letting me know it is up and running again. I apologize for any frustrations caused by this today.

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No worries. All good. :+1:t3:

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