One of my V3 went offline for no reason

One of my V3 went offline for no reason. All my other v3 and v2 cams are still working. I tried a power cycle twice. Every time the camera boots up there’s a rapidly blinking blue light. What is going on here?


Same here. I added a 3rd v3 camera today and all went well but seemed to keep doing update after update. Tonight I went to use one of my cameras and they all are down and with a blue blinking light. Power cycling has done nothing. I see a few comments on the reddit also of people having the same issue here:

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Same thing just happened to mine. Idk how to fix it. But be even deleted the camera and readding it

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Cmon Wyze, this seems to be a widespread issue. Lots of people on your Reddit group having the same issues.


Well now all 3 are out.


Same, I V3 went offline 1 hour ago for no reason, the pan v3 works fine


All 8 of my v2 and v3 and cam pan are offline , tried power cycle multiple times . What’s up wyze . Come on @UserCustomerGwen


Same here. I have 6 cameras offline blinking blue.


Same here. One camera will not come back online no matter what I do.

Wyze really needs some kind of better fallback for when their bloated ad-filled app can’t access AWS or whichever service they use. Cameras need to be reliable.


Same here. only OGs is working. All my many other V3, V2, … are offline, blue leds blinking. Thought it was my network problem, Rebooted main and all mesh routers, same. Must be Wyze server problems .


Most of my cameras are offline as well. Tried power cycling multiple times. Tried rebooting the app. Really annoying.


There is an AWS outage. Wyze is currently looking into it. you can go here to see the status:

Service Status & Known Issues – Wyze

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Same. I’ve spent way too much time on this. I deleted 2 cams in the process. Ugh. Hope it gets resolved.

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I have been having the same issue for the past 2 days. Happens around 8 or 9 PM East Coast. Power cycle does nothing. Won’t reconnect to wifi either. My V2Pan and OG are not effected.

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One of my V2’s and my Pan is doing the same thing, I’ve trouble shooted everything g multiple times, and they both say the are connected, but then say offline, and the blue light just blinks. My other two V2’s are still working properly.

I am having the exact same problem as all of you. One V3 camera is just working perfect as normal … But the second one won’t ‘connect’ or stop with the blinking light no matter what I do.

What is weird is it still records events and notifies me, but I can’t get a ‘live’ view. This is very frustrating to go through all the troubleshooting steps given and still not have the unit work properly.

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V3 and V2s down in Houston ,Tx. Error message device has lost its connection. Resetting doesnt work.

I’m also having the same problem. No network issues but cameras won’t connect.

Here’s the thread I started…same issue.

3 new v3 and 1 new v3 pro went offline. All existing v3 and one v3 pan are now offline, except for one v3 still working. Power cycled new cams, phone restart etc, no change,