Wyze Outage 12-01-23

Lost connectivity to all cameras in the Wyze app and website. Saying cannot connect to Local Network, According to DownDetector 116 others in the last hour are reporting the same issue. Anyone know what is going on?

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I have a camera that won’t come online at all, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Wyze seems to have a lot of outages, and I have a feeling it’s due to their bloated ad-filled app.

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I am having the same issue. Getting notifications a person has been detected but cameras has lost connectivity and can not reconnect. Getting no answers anywhere

Wyze is aware and looking into it. It appears AWS may be having issues at this time.

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Thanks hopefully they can get it resolved quickly.

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Same here. Wyze just posted the outage:

Not sure if you are familiar with the outage link, so wanted to post it for you. You can check to see the status of outages here, once Wyze posts to it:

Service Status & Known Issues – Wyze


[Mod Edit] this is getting old, the only camera that needs babysat out of the brands I have :bangbang:

If you power down a currently working cam, that’s it for that cam it will no longer connect.

Pathetic Wyze, just [Mod Edit] Pathetic.

Next Wyze will go out of business and strand all Wyze users…

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Would this affect everything including smart plugs? I have a lamp connected to a smart plug with a simple On at X, Off at X and it did turn on but did not turn off.

Also, the outage was very strange - the only cams that were affected were my Cam Pan V3s. Every single one was not working. They were showing up as connected and On but live view would say they were offline. I checked my router and they were all connected and had signal and an IP address.

My other regular V3 and V2 cams were just fine.

This morning everything looks normal again.

BTW, I also have a Ring doorbell and alarm system. Ring also runs on AWS and I did not notice any outages.

Does Wyze seem to be affected by AWS outages more often than other services also hosted on AWS?

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Wyze didn’t say this was an AWS outage.

A few posts above in this thread someone indicated AWS may have been having problems. I figured that was the cause.

Either way, would this particular outage also have affected smart plugs or is my smart plug malfunctioning?

We have no idea what is/was affected other than Wyze stating, “cameras offline or not able to connect”. It appears to be specific to some regions, whatever the issue is. I’ve experienced no issues at all, while friends 15 miles from me could not access cams at all. Not sure what their status is now.

I had one smart plug and a camera experience the issue because they were unplugged and then plugged back in during the outage.