Events vanished from WYZE app yet again - Failed to update device list error code 500 & error code -1

This is the second time in three or four weeks that ALL of my events have vanished from the WYZE app. I can go back in time where I know there were events and they are MIA. The last time this happened it took about 2-3 hours before all the events reappeared.

Is anyone else experiencing this wonderful new feature from WYZE? I am an android user with app version 2.40.0 (190). I have v2 and v3 cams and PAY for cam + service for 4 cams and have done so for 3 years.

I have cleared the app cache and rebooted my phone to no avail.

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Service outage. Posted here.

Thank you. I had looked in that section of the forum and didn’t see anything. It looks like I was creating this thread about the time they were posting about yet another outage.

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You were on the tip of the spear. Perhaps one of the first to notice it.

:slight_smile: I usually am. If I am awake, I’m in the WYZE app every 10-15 minutes on most days. Looking at the time stamp provided in the upper right corner of each post…my post was indeed before the post from WYZE about the outage.

Thanks again and have a great day ahead.

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