No events!

I have no events since this morning on 5 V2 cams. Must be something with an update? Deleted app and reinstalled, still no events. Anyone else experiencing this problem?Thanks, Gerry

Haven’t noticed it today (but I haven’t checked yet) but that’s been a very regular occurrence for much too long now. :unamused:

All of my events have been working.

check your filters. make sure you have the motion filter on.

Thanks, it started working again with no changes applied.

That’s been my experience in the past as well. No events for hours or even days and then - ta da - they show up again with no changes at all on my end.

Wyze is without a doubt doing something on their end causing the issue. Just wish they would be forthcoming about what’s happening, or at least acknowledge that something is happening, instead of hiding behind a ‘wall of silence’.

I have events but not being notified