Cameras tuning off on their own

Is anyone else having trouble with cameras turning off on their own? This has happened to me 3-4 time now. I have 5 camera. They are turning off during the night.

Make sure that you don’t have any rules saved that would turn them off on a schedule. Check your Rules History to be sure nothing has executed an Action on the cams.

If you have your cams shared with another user you also need to check with them to be sure they aren’t being manually turned off by them or one of their rules.

I do not have any rules and while my cameras are shard, my shared person is not turning them off either. It has been very random when they do this. But last night between 10 and 11 they all went off

Please clarify “off”. They all changed to the "off logo in the Device List or they showed as “offline”?

When they did this, did they also stop recording to the SD Card or do you have SD Card footage during that time?

The cameras are turning off. Powered off it shows “the device has been turned off. No recordings or playback during showing.

I have never experienced cams spontaneously turning off on any of my cams and they have been in place for years. There are several isolated scenarios that may cause this, but they are rare.

What cam models are doing this? Do you have any cams that aren’t exhibiting this. Do you have a Cam Plus Subscription? Were these cams purchased new from Wyze or were they used previously? Do you have any other Wyze Smart Devices like Bulbs or Plugs?

The first time it happened , I thought it was just a fluke but it has happened several times now. Alway at night, after I have gone to bed.

Both V2 and v3 cameras. Yes I have a cam plus subscription. Yes, all of the cameras were purchased from Wyze.

I have a ton of other Wyze stuff. Plugs, bulbs, scales, watch, vacuum, doorbell, air purifier, motion sensors and the home security system.

I have been a Wyze customer for many years.

Last night between 10-12, after I had gone to bed, all of the cameras turned off:powered off.

The reason that I asked the questions is to try and decide a way to pinpoint the instant any given Cam is turning off. Turning a Cam off is a very specific command to the cam from the server that has to be initiated from the App or from an Automation. Because the cam’s state can’t be reached from an outside automation suite such as Alexa or Google Home, that means it has to be coming from somewhere inside Wyze. It would be good to know if all the cams are doing this simultaniously or at different times.

If this was happening to my cams, I would set up a trap to capture the exact moment it happened. This would involve setting a single Trigger\Action rule for each cam. The Trigger on each rule would be when that cam turns off. The Action would be to turn on a designated Bulb for 1m.

So, when this happens again, all you have to do is look at the Rules History and find exactly when that Rule executed. That will give you an indication of when it happened, if all the cams did it at the same time, or if they were doing it at different times.

I am suspecting that there may be a rule executing that may have been deleted and didn’t get properly removed from the server.

The cameras are all doing this around the same time. Last I night it was within an hour. I don’t have any rules set for cameras turning off or on and never have. They’ve been running continuously since I got them. I do have the ground but again, this is happening after I go to bed.

Here is the rule history from last night. The cameras went off between 2000 and 2100. As you can see, no rules were Iteuggered.image0.jpeg

If this is happening on a regular basis, keeping a log of exactly when on each cam is helpful to determine a pattern. That is why there needs to be some sort of feedback reporting produced by the Rules I suggested. The only other possible source is the shared account.

I had this happen a couple of times to my V2s and V3s early this year. They both happened on windy/sunny days when a lot of motion events were being triggered at the same time.

I’ve upgraded my router and firmware since then, and it hasn’t happened again since. I suspect it might have been a performance/error handling issue in Wyze firmware.

I have the same problem. I am getting damn tired of reinstalling hard wired carport flood and camera, portable cam , and 2 doorbell cams. I was an early adopter and have various genders of camera. about 8 installed and several in boxes.

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I knew it was some kind of bug or glitch with Wyze. Hope they find the cause.

totally frustrating. i am getting too old for this.

Did you have to factory reset your cameras when they were turned off? I just clicked on the Power button on the screen and they turned back on without problems.

Also out of curiosity, is this happening to people in particular regions? I’m in New England and haven’t seen this issue for months. I wonder if there’re issues with particular AWS server instances.

Like you, I just had to turn them back on.

It’s happened to me 3-4 times but not since I opened this thread. I can’t figure out a reason or pattern other than I think they have all happened after I have gone to bed.

I’m in Tennessee.

it happens to me on one wyze v3, when happens i have to travel 10miles to power on/off.
following other thread i put camera on wemo plug, then they started put wemo plug offline

A distinction needs to be made for those posting in replies to clarify the initial topic for this thread.

Cams turning “Off” on their own and Cams going “Offline” are two completely separate issues.

This topic is about cams that turn themselves Off, not for cams that go Offline.

Cams that are being turned Off will show as Off in the App Device List:

Opening the cam will show the power button to turn it back on:

Cams that go “Offline” are caused by a loss in Cam connectivity with the WiFi, Internet, or Wyze Server. These cannot be turned back on from within the App and must be power cycled to reinitiate their internet connection. These will show as Offline in the Device List:

And will also show as Offline in the Live Stream:

I k ow the difference between off and offline. The cameras are going off on their own. Not offline. At least in my case and i’m the one who started this.