Wyze Cam V3's Turning Off

Hello and yes, I am new here. So here goes. I have 3 of the Wyze Cam3’s up and running in my home. Each of them has a 32GB SD card installed. This is Saturday, 16-Jan-21. Over the past two days, when I have accessed the camera feed via Wyze App on my iPhone 12, I have found one and two of the cameras reporting a "turned off"status. And in fact, they seems to be turned off and have not captured any video for hours. When I select one of the “turned off” cameras, it comes to life and begins doing it’s job. So again, this has only happened for two days. Prior to that, never a problem Did I miss an update or something that may have changed something? All of the settings for each cam seem find. It’s as if they’re going into a sleep mode. I’d be happy to hear any thoughts. Thanks!

I used to have this issue with the v2 cam. Turns out the culprit was a 3rd party usb cord that I used for that particular camera. I don’t know if the voltage or amps were slightly off or what but when I switched out the cord (another 3rd party) it worked fine. It was a really long run… like 20 feet or so. So I suspect there was a voltage drop or something over that long cord.

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Thanks for the info. In my particular case, I am using the cords that came from Wyze in the box. If I continue to experience the issue, I will look at changing them out. I still find it odd that one camera did this yesterday and then today, that same camera and another did the sane thing.

Do you have any rules setup? Is there a chance the off/on button on the device list may have gotten hit accidentally?

I thought about that, as I had looked at the rules and scheduling capabilities of the app maybe a week ago. This morning it hit me that perhaps I had errantly made a change so I double checked. Alas, no rules exist and all settings appear to be as called for. I will look again though! Good thinking and thanks!

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If you go into “account” on the lower right of the home page in app, then click rules history,you should see a list of when and which rules triggered. If a rule happened, it’ll be there.

Thanks. I checked and there are no entries. I did take time to create a rule for on camera to see how the function performs.