WYZE Cam keeps turning off by itself when I bring it up it says the camera has been turned off I have not done it anyone know what causing that?

In the past month or so every time I go to check my cameras, they seem to turn off by themselves. Does anyone know what’s causing that.


Probably they were trying to save electricity.
Google Nest thermostat does turn down the heat itself when utility tells it to.

Wyze Cams will not turn themselves off to save electricity.

They may show in the app as “offline” if they loose WiFi connectivity, but it takes a command from the server to turn them off. Even when they loose power, they will return to their last powered state of ON if they were On when they lost power.

These commands from the server can come from pressing the button in the app, an Off Command from an Automation Rule executing, or from a shared user or another user with account access doing the same.

Do you have any Automation Rules running? Any Shared Users? Anyone else able to access your account?

Did you buy the cams New or were they pre-owned?

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I don’t think shared user has the ability to turn off the camera :thinking:.

FYI, shared users do 100% have the ability and permission to turn off the camera. I have cameras on a shared account and I can definitely turn cameras on and off directly from the Home tab, and from the live stream screen and through rules as well. I just went and tested doing this exact thing again 2 minutes ago with all 3 of those methods just to make sure it was indeed still letting shared accounts turn cameras on and off when an owner account shares the camera to someone else. I really wish this wasn’t the case though. I want to allow other people to see some of my other cams, but I don’t want them turning them off, accidentally or otherwise, but they can/do. We have been begging for Wyze to fix this in the wishlist forever. They started working on a feature for multiple permissions for shared users, but then Covid hit and things got delayed and re-prioritized. I think it’s still in-development, but it’s definitely been delayed.



Thanks for the assist on this one @carverofchoice!

Yeah, I confirmed it in my shares as well. There isn’t much missing from Cam connectivity. The SD Card footage is inaccessible and any of the Cam’s granular settings, but the power and rules are fair game. Which is really weird because even though the user cannot access the Notifications or the Motion Detection (Event Recording) settings in the Settings Menu, they can easily create a shortcut rule to turn off Notifications and Motion Detection whenever they want, thereby circumventing those granular settings restrictions.


I experienced something similar a few days ago as well, I have a camera group and I opened the group and all 7 v3s were showing as off with the power icon on each camera.

I share my cameras with 2 other users and I feel like it was maybe one of them, but they denied it.

I too would like for only the main user to have that ability and not the shared users.

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Thanks ! I Agree also.

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