Cameras keep turning off

I have three cameras, two Wyze Cam v2 and a plug in cam. There were not issues for a year then a couple months ago I find them off. On going issue, I turn them on and they go off. Nothing has changed, I have all the updates. I’ve seen this issue before on the forum but yet to see a solution.
Just want to voice my complaint to the masses in hopes Wyze will address this. I am not buying anymore Wyze products until this is resolved.

Interesting it’s not a wyze issue, we have never had that issue, do you share your cameras? Have you sign out of the app and sign back in?

What firmware version are you running? (You posted in Beta, so I’m assuming you’re running beta firmware?) If so, you might be happier and more satisfied with Wyze if you keep to using only production firmware since it’s been tested and doesn’t have as many bugs.

Check your sharing options. Go to Account tab → sharing → if there are any accounts listed, click on the account(s) and hit the red minus sign next to everything you’re sharing with them. You can add it all back to them later, but it’s possible their account has some automation rules that are causing it to turn off, even if they aren’t doing it manually. Deleting it from their account SHOULD also delete any automation rules they have tied to those devices.

Now go back to the Account tab → Rules → History and see what’s showing up there. See anything is triggering to turn off your cams there. Also check in the rules themselves to make sure nothing is turning off a cam.

Depending on the firmware you report having, there may be other steps to try, such as submitting a log and posting it in the correct thread about that firmware so the devs can figure out what’s going on.

There are some other things that could be looked into, but this is not something happening to most people, which indicates it’s not likely to be the camera or firmware causing the issue. We just need to narrow down what else it is. Worst case scenario delete the cam from your account, and set it back up (this should delete any rules or other things you have tied to it, etc).

It could also be good to set up 2-factor authentication just to make sure nobody else is logging into your account without your express permission. Go to Account tab ->Security → Two-Factor Authentication.

You can always undo any of those things later, but if you want to really figure out where this problem is coming from, those are things I would try if I were in your shoes.

I don’t work for nor represent Wyze in any way. I am just trying to be helpful and offer ideas I would hope someone would share with me in a similar situation.

Best of luck.


Completed updates no issues, thank god

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