Camera wont stay working, turns off

I am on the BETA software and since updating to it a few days ago my camera will not stay working.

Every time I check the camera in the app it says connection failed (-90) Please try to power cycle the camera.

If I do reset it it works for awhile again, but then it goes back to this and I have to reboot it all over again.

Whats going on?


Android App version 1.3.113

v2 Camera firmware

Since there are 4 different Betas (v1 cam, v2 cam, Android app, iPhone app) you will need to be a bit more specific.

If it is camera related, then probably camera firmware. What version of camera (three versions exist, v1 with 2 LED (Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 ?), v1 with 4 LED Feb 2018, v2 with 4 LED). Both v1 camera use the same firmware. I have 2 v1 4 LED models that have FCC ID:2ANJHWYZEC1 but I am reasonably sure this did not change between the 2 and 4 LED versions. My v1 models have MAC addresses that start with AF:DA:22:21:48, I have seen pictures of v1 cameras with MAC: addresses starting with 94:51:3D:02:A6, I have no idea if that was a 2 LED or 4 LED model.

What version of camera, and what firmware is currently loaded in your camera? If you remember, what was the previous version of firmware?

LikeWyze may request a logfile from the camera (if you have an SD card).

Mine is doing the same thing. I’m using Android it keeps shutting down eith the message please power cycle the camera.

Same here. Every time I open the Wyze app and go to check a cam, I have to turn it on.