Camera Firmware V3

Wyze needs to make a firmware update that actually updates firmware. I can’t keep driving 25 miles to unplug and re plug my cameras everytime the update failed. I’m not going to do anymore updates unless they actually make improvements in performance.

I have had the same results on some of my V3 cams on some of the updates. It happens. Amazingly, all restarted on this update.

But, to remedy this, I installed a $5 smart plug (not Wyze) on every Cam. Instead of waiting till I get off the road to reset it when I get home and having the cam down the whole time, I just power cycle the smart plug to get the cam to power cycle.

Another lesson learned is to avoid remote updates, but this is not always possible, especially when they are forced.

Hope this helps! Be safe and well!

Yep, one reason I NEVER allowed updates until this latest forced update. One of my cameras wouldn’t come back for a few days.

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Thanks for the reply. The cameras continue to operate even with the failed update. I record to SD card so I miss nothing. The app shows camera offline, with a cloud with a line through it, but it operates fine. Odd stuff…

Oh that was a common issue reported recently. Unfortunately I don’t know what the resolution was, if any.

Oh well! May Be addressed in the future.

That has been happening once in a while for years. Sometimes it will clear with a power cycle or reboot - usually not. Give it enough time and it will clear (may take weeks).

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Johnny, mine have always done that on occasion. #annoying. :rage: Power cycling fixes it for me. :hugs:

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Mine is still showing offline after 5 weeks.

It is the Wyze device registration architecture flaw …in my opinion.

Only way to cure is a good firmware update.

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If I go there…


I wouldn’t recommend it remotely, especially since the cam is running and recording and only the app interface on the home page is affected, but if you are in an especially cantankerous mood and feeling exceptionally dangerous :warning::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::scream:, you could try the Restart Camera in the cam settings to see what kind of chaos that produces.

I did. Same result. I’m hoping for a power failure soon.

Weeks? Months? :scream:

You have MUCH more patience than I do. If I can’t get it back in less than a day I punt :football: and factory reset and reinstall that sucker!

Well camera still works!

Why? The camera is working fine in all respects except that it shows off-line on the app home page (or group if it’s part of a group). Select that camera and it works perfectly.
Oh, it also won’t work in the Web View beta if it’s showing off-line.

That is likely the case.